Save Money on Valentine’s Day Gifts

February 8, 2016
by Thrive Market
Save Money on Valentine’s Day Gifts

You shouldn’t have to shell out the big bucks every time you go to the grocery store—but you shouldn’t be relegated to the bargain bin, either. Thankfully, there’s a solution to this shopping conundrum: Thrive Market offers all the healthy, high quality foods and products you know and love, at prices anyone can afford. Just check out how much we saved on Valentine’s Day gifts!

In the lead-up to February 14, it’s impossible to walk through a drugstore without being practically accosted by aisles upon aisles of pink, fluffy gifts. The teddy bears, boxes of chocolates, and heart-shaped candies might stretch the length of the store—but how many of them would you actually like to receive?

Skip the mass-produced Valentine’s Day junk and opt for something more meaningful this year. Thrive Market has something for everyone—however you plan to spend the holiday.

Pamper yourself with some indulgent truffles and decadent dark chocolate—you can even make it a full-on spa night by drawing a lavender bubble bath and giving yourself a pedicure with some festive nail polish.

Planning a romantic night in with that special someone? Light some handcrafted candles and spritz an aromatherapy mist to set the mood. (And don’t forget to practice safe sex! We’ve got you covered with our selection of intimate products.)

If this just isn’t your favorite holiday, skip the long-stemmed roses and cheesy cards, and do some shopping on Thrive Market. We wouldn’t blame you.

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