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Extra Virgin Olive Oil vs. Olive Oil

Although extra virgin olive oil and olive oil are often interchangeable in the culinary world, there are a few nuances worth noting. (the difference between olive oil and butter being one such example). We’re diving into the history of olives, spotlighting our members’ favorite bottles, and sharing plenty of cooking ideas that go way beyond ...

Olive Oil vs. Butter

Where do you fall in the great butter versus olive oil debate? Many butter enthusiasts consider themselves purists who wouldn’t dare compromise flavor just to cut down on saturated fat while olive oil devotees point to the celebrated health benefits (hello, antioxidants!) of the pantry favorite. In the ongoing butter vs olive oil discussion, both ...

Doctor Mike Goes Vegan with Thrive Market

Doctor Mikhail Varshavski, commonly known as Doctor Mike, is a social media entrepreneur, philanthropist, and physician with a purpose. He stresses the importance of medical literacy and battles misinformation before a massive audience of over 7 million social media subscribers. As a board-certified family medicine physician, Varshavski is uniquely equipped to inspire and motivate countless ...

The Diet Trends That Ruled 2018—and What You’ll See in 2019

Whether it’s experimenting with ketosis or taking mealtime cues from popular reality TV stars, 2018 ushered in several new diets that grabbed our collective attention. But which ones are worth the hype? We’re taking a closer look at the diets that rose through the search ranks so you can make a food game plan that’s ...

Oregano vs. Thyme

There’s a secret to cooking restaurant-worthy recipes at home, and we can sum it up with one word: herbs. And while you may have stocked up on rosemary and parsley (or planted your very own herb garden), we’re highlighting two perennial herbs that deserve plenty of recognition. Though they sometimes get confused for one another, ...

Tips for Cooking With Garlic, Plus 10 Flavorful Recipes

Before you taste it, you can smell it—pungent and distinct. Garlic’s never been shy when it comes to making an impression, but this is one ingredient that’s well worth the lingering scent. Whether you enjoy cloves raw, sliced, sauteéd, or roasted, garlic is beloved in cuisines across the globe and adds depth and nutrition to ...

Green Olive Hand Pie Recipe

[schema description]It’s National Olive Day! To celebrate, we’re sharing some of our favorite olive recipes from the Thrive Market blog. From savory hand pies made with a briny olive and creamy goat cheese filling to an elegant Mediterranean tart, we think you’ll want to make olive ‘em![/schema]

Another Powerful Reason to Eat Like the Greeks

Breast cancer is, by far, the most common cancer among women, affecting one in eight U.S. women—12 percent of the American female population—directly. This year, 231,000 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed, and nearly 41,000 women will die from the disease.

Revealed: The Simple Secrets to Living to Be 100

If having a good laugh with family and friends, basking in the sun, and drinking wine are all it takes to live 100 years, then sign us up. Turns out there’s a little bit more to it than that, but there are some common lifestyle tips that cultures with long life expectancies share. These secrets to ...

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