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Natural Remedies for Constipation – Herbal Cures & Quick Fixes

There’s no question that modern medicine has helped humans in numerous ways over the years, creating vaccinations and cures for many diseases that have helped to extend lifespans. But while the medical community continues to be important to our existence, natural remedies continue to have validity, too. That includes natural remedies for constipation.

Steel Cut Oats Vs. Rolled Oats

Don’t let sugary oatmeal raisin cookies or super sweet oat bars fool you—oats are actually an incredibly healthy grain cereal that can work wonders for the heart, help maintain a healthy body weight, and work to steady blood pressure.

Can This Common Beauty Oil Help You Get Fuller, Thicker Eyebrows?

There’s a reason I’m a health and fitness writer—not a beauty editor.

Aloe Vera Juice Beauty Benefits

We’re calling it. This year’s most popular beauty booster isn’t going to be some delicate powder made of the ground petals of an incredibly rare flower that only grows on the shady side of a specific cliff in South America. The secret to glowing, movie star–esque skin? A glass of aloe vera juice.

Poop Problems? Here’s How to Keep Digestion In Check Over the Holidays

There’s a certain aisle in the drugstore that gets a little more action during the holidays than others, and it’s not the one with the gift wrap. Americans spend $700 million a year on laxative products. But these over-the-counter meds can actually make bathroom problems worse. 

Eating For Regularity: 8 Foods To Help You Go Number 2

Everybody poops—so says the iconic children’s book.  Even though going Number 2 gets a bad rep as one of the grosser things about the human body, it really is a good thing. Regular trips to the bathroom show that everything’s working smoothly in your digestive tract, after all. (Plus, they’re a good excuse to catch up on reading.)

Just How Much Coffee Is Too Much?

There’s nothing wrong with swinging by your local cafe on the way to work, or enjoying a sweating iced coffee in the afternoon. But if your habit spikes up to four, five, or six cups of joe every day, your coffee habit could be seriously hurting your health.

5 Dangerous Diet Drugs to Avoid—Plus 1 Weight Loss Method That Works

With mass media constantly shouting that ‘thin is in’ and the nation’s obesity level at a record high (a whopping 34 percent, according to the CDC), it’s no surprise that dieting is practically a national pastime.

What In The World Is Castor Oil?

Be honest: Do you know what castor oil is? Of course, you’ve probably heard the term, or maybe your grandma or mom tried to feed you a spoonful for an upset stomach

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