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What Does “Natural” Mean On Food Labels?

Although many supermarket staples can contain preservatives and chemical ingredients, there’s also a good selection that’s nutritious and natural. But—what does “natural” mean, exactly?

Your Thanksgiving Turkey Buying Guide: Every Label, Explained!

Regardless of your feelings about the taste of the bird, turkey is obviously the traditional go-to for any authentic Thanksgiving feast. If you’ve waited until now to pick up a turkey—ballsy!—you’re gonna want to scoop one up, stat.

Using Honey As A Sweetener

It takes 60,000 or so bees and nearly 2 million flowers to craft one pound of honey, the sticky and sweet substance we spoon into coffee and tea—but that’s not the only reason that raw honey deserves respect.

A Consumer’s Guide to The Misleading Claims on Food Labels

Walk through the aisles of any supermarket, and a fire hose of attention-grabbing labels accosts your senses. These days, food companies are all about using their packaging to seize on many shoppers’ desire to feed their families clean, nutritious foods.

The FDA’s Latest Game-Changer: Labeling Added Sugar

Today, an inquisitive shopper wouldn’t be able to find the answer to this question on the back of any food label—but it may be one of the most important nutrition questions we ask.

Sugar, Salt and Fat: A Guide to Three Essential Nutrients [UPDATED]

The litany of foods to avoid can seem never ending: sugar, salt, fat, carbs, dairy, nuts, gluten, and on and on. Are they all really so bad for us? The truth is, they’re not—not for all of us, anyway.

What Does SPF Mean?

When it comes to the SPF number on our sunscreen bottles, most people shrug and grab the highest one, figuring bigger is better.

Should the Word ‘Diet’ Be Banned From Soda Labels?

What’s the real meaning of the word “diet”? And why do we call artificially flavored, zero-calorie carbonated water a “diet” product, anyway?

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