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Intermittent Fasting and the Keto Diet

When it comes to trending weight loss plans, two diets in particular are gaining popularity for their ability to deliver results quickly. The keto diet promotes reducing your daily carb intake and upping your intake of fat and protein. Intermittent fasting recommends daily periods of going completely without food. But both plans have the same ...

Benefits of the Keto Diet

Like pretty much any trending diet, the ketogenic diet is not without controversy. What started as a treatment plan for epilepsy patients back in the 1920s has evolved into a weight-loss phenomenon. And though research backing its health benefits is still somewhat lacking, many have experienced real results on the high-fat, low-carb eating plan. What ...

Can Going Paleo Improve Your Sex Life?

From an outside perspective, Paleo diet fanatics can seem a little extreme. The obsession with Bulletproof coffee, coconut oil, and all things bacon seems to contradict the healthy lifestyle that they lead. But there are more benefits to this popular diet than eating bacon on the reg—some that are downright sexy.

6 ‘Healthy’ Foods You Should Avoid At All Costs

Recently, Oprah announced she was claiming a stake in the dieting behemoth Weight Watchers. A serial dieter—can anyone forget the time the TV host wheeled out 67 pounds of fat on a little red wagon?—Oprah hopes her fans will follow her move into a ‘healthier’ weight loss program.

Want to Lose 10 Pounds? Start Here!

The busy holiday season is about to hit, and that means heading home to see family and friends, ugly Christmas sweaters, and endless supplies of not-so-healthy foods will be shoved in front of us.

5 ‘Healthy’ Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

Recently a friend pulled me aside during a night out. About a year ago, she lost a ton of weight by changing up her eating habits and working out. “But now,” she confided, “I’ve totally plateaued and I feel stuck. I’m doing cardio all the time, eating low-fat, and watching all my calories. What am I doing ...

BMI Backlash: What the Numbers Don’t Tell You

In September 2015, Air India grounded 130 of its flight attendants. Permanently. It wasn’t because they showed up late to work, didn’t fulfill education requirements, or even performed poorly. Nope, it was all due to their BMIs.

Everyone Really Was Thinner In The 80s—And It’s Thanks To Bacteria

The 80s were a magical decade. The Berlin Wall fell, America sent its first woman into space, and French-cut thong leotards were invented.

Hate Running? Try These Cardio Workouts Instead

I’m a self-described endorphin addict. I love nothing more than a really challenging, vomit-inducing workout. But running… Running was a different story. While I’ve actually grown to really enjoy jogging along at my own pace (after many years and many miles), there was a time in my life when I would rather drink dish soap ...

Could One Piece of Clothing Really Help You Slim Down?

Trend alert! Jessica Alba reportedly wore a certain piece of clothing around the clock for months to lose the weight she put on during her pregnancy. Practically the whole Kardashian clan is taking workout selfies in this same article of fashion. The clothing item in question? A tightly laced corset, or waist trainer. According to the proponents of ...

Eat Fat to Burn Fat: 5 Surprising Foods to Help You Shed Pounds

In 1977, United States public health officials recommended that citizens adopt a low-fat diet for optimal health. The very next year, the obesity epidemic that still plagues the U.S. was officially set into motion—rates of obesity increased by nearly 20 percent over the next four years.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Body Loves to Detox

Feeling bloated and run down? Maybe your stomach is misbehaving. With a summer full of vacations and barbecues coming to a close, your body might be begging for a reboot for fall.

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