Newman's Own

In 1980, actor Paul Newman and writer A.E. Hotchner gave their friends and neighbors a special holiday gift; homemade salad dressing packaged in wine bottles with parchment paper labels. The reaction was extremely positive that Newman and Hotchner decided to form a company to bring their salad dressing to the public. With each founder contributing $20,000 up front, Newman’s Own was officially born. Although, according to Newman the company “...started as a joke and got out of control.” Today, Newman’s Own is a veritable empire in the packaged, health food market that offers over 200 food and drink products made of all-natural ingredients. From salad dressings, popcorn, pasta sauce, cookies, snacks, lemonade, and more. The options that Newman’s provides are truly endless. Newman’s Own Foundation When Newman’s Own turned a profit of $300,000 in its first year of business, co-founder Paul Newman famously said, “Let’s Give It All Away.” Over the decades that followed, Newman’s Own became as synonymous with social enterprise as with high-quality food because of its proceeds that benefit thousands of charities around the world. In 2005, Paul Newman established Newman’s Own Foundation as a means to carry on his legacy and philanthropic work. Paul Newman passed away in 2008, but Newman’s Own Foundation continues to pass on its founders core values of common purpose, trust, respect, quality, and creativity. To date, the total charitable contributions made by Paul Newman and Newman’s Own Foundation since Newman’s Own was established in 1982 has surpassed $460 million dollars. Newman’s Own Ingredients: Zero Trans Fats: No product from Newman’s Own contains trans fats that raises harmful LDL cholesterol and lowers beneficial HDL cholesterol. All-Natural Foods: Since the beginning, Newman’s Own has been a forerunner in America’s natural food industry. Many of the company’s products were developed from Newman’s recipes that he made at home. Vegetarian-Friendly: With some exceptions to Newman’s Own pet foods and frozen meals, the bulk of Newman’s Own foods and beverages are vegetarian, and dozens are vegan. Diet and Allergy Friendly: Newman’s Own has many products that are suitable for people with food allergies or sensitivities to foods like eggs, dairy, and wheat. There’s even a page on the Newman’s Own website where consumers can search products by their allergy. Organic Ingredients: Among its 100+ products, dozens of Newman’s Own foods are labeled as “made with Organic Ingredients,” which by US regulations means that 70 percent or more ingredients are organic, and many more are labeled “Certified Organic,” which means that 90 percent or more ingredients are completely organic. Newman’s Own Foods Here’s a little info about some of the different products from Newman’s Own: Popcorn and Pretzels: It seems natural that a company launched by a movie star would eventually introduce concession stand-worthy snacks that are perfect to munch on while watching a film. Newman’s Own popcorn and pretzels are made with all-natural ingredients such as spelt flour, and come in organic varieties as well, including regular and butter. Pasta Sauce: Newman’s Own offers 24 varieties of pasta sauce including its popular Sockarooni sauce (it’ll “knock your socks off”) and three Newman’s Own Organic flavors. Recently, Newman’s Own introduced its “For the Common Good,” pasta sauces, made in collaboration with LiDestri Food & Beverage, that are also made with all organic ingredients. Cookies: Along with flavor-packed sauces for the main meals, and snacks for in-between, Newman’s Own also has a line of all-natural cookies including alphabet cookies, fig-filled cookie bars, and several flavors of creme-filled sandwich cookies: ginger creme, peanut butter, and chocolate with vanilla creme. For those who are vegan or have a wheat sensitivity, Newman’s Own also offers gluten-free and dairy free sandwich cookies: Family Recipe Spelt Ginger Snaps, Organic Wheat and Dairy-Free “Fig Newmans”, and more. Coffee and Tea: All Newman’s Own coffee and tea products are certified organic and Fair Trade, which supports partnerships, sustainable development, and fair labor practices to improve conditions of workers around the world. Newman’s Own Pet Food In addition to its popular line of foods, Newman’s Own also boasts a line of dog and cat food, which comes in various flavors: Grain Free Beef, Chicken and Brown Rice, Turkey and Vegetables, and so on. The company also created delicious little treats for your furry friends like with flavors like Peanut Butter, Turkey and Sweet Potato, and Chicken and Rice Snack Sticks.

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