Choose Your Own Chocolate BarsChoose Your Own Chocolate Barschoose_choc6This full line of dark chocolate bars includes decadent flavors like Dark Blackout, Super Dark Crisp Mint, Dark Quinoa, Dark Brown Butter, Dark Burnt Caramel, Super Dark Blackout, and Dark Sea Salt ...just to name a few. All are rich and velvety; the perfect balance of deep Ecuadorian cacao and smooth cocoa butter. Always organic, non GMO, fair trade and soy free. Pick any 6 of your choice.Choose 6 Bars
So good! - by The burnt Carmel is so so so delicious!
MISLEADING. NOT VEGAN. NOT DAIRY FREE. - by I'm allergic to milk. These popped up on a Thrive Search as vegan/dairy free. I purchased a 6 bar combo pack and was super excited... only to discover I can't actually eat them. Now I see thrive has a warning message that reads, "May contain milk, hazelnuts, almonds, coconut, and soy. Individuals who are allergic to these should not consume this product." So at least they are alerting buyers. But it was a big bummer.
Best chocolate! - by Alter Eco makes the best chocolate! Clean ingredients, smooth taste. Love the 90%, my favorite! Nice to be able to pick different ones since I’m the only one that loves really dark chocolate.
Mint and caramel - by Good chocolate. My favorite are mint and caramel.
So good - by This is a must try! I can’t wait to order again
Alter Eco
Alter Eco

Choose Your Own Chocolate Bars

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