Choose Your Own Chocolate BarsChoose Your Own Chocolate Barschoose_tonys6bTony's 6 oz bars are always delicious and fun to eat! With incredibly tasty chocolate, we lead by example to show the world that chocolate can be made differently. By following Tony's rules of the game for slave-free cocoa, it's possible to make slave-free chocolate and be commercially successful. Choose between flavors- Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt, Dark Milk Pretzel Toffee, 32% Milk Chocolate Bar with Hazelnut.Choose 6 Bars
highest quality no exploitation - by I discovered these when I lived in the Netherlands and am so pleased they are available here in the US,
Delicious - by This is our favorite chocolate. Creamy and delicious.
LOVE - by Delicious, ethical treat!
Love these! - by Excellent chocolate in huge bars. Love that you can choose your own mix.
Great chocolate - by The toffee nut was the best one
Tony's Chocolonely
Tony's Chocolonely

Choose Your Own Chocolate Bars

Choose 6 Bars