Blender Bomb, OriginalBlender Bomb, Original856990008065The Original Blender Bomb is undoubtedly Blender Bombs' ride or die BB for every smoothie. Built for use in every scenario: blend it, bite it, break it over your bowl and make a meal. Gluten-free, paleo, plant-based, no refined sugars, no chemicals, no preservatives, no garbage just real ingredients made from real foods. We challenge you to replace one meal a day with a Blender Bomb smoothie and experience the difference.10 bombs (31 g each)
Healthy and quick - by Easy quick healthy
Amazing - by These things are so good. Eat them right out of the bag. Meal replacement or a snack
Love putting in my smoothies - by Great in smoothies for some extra nutrition!!
B.B. - by Just blend them up extra fine in smoothies or can be a bit chunky.
Yummy smoothies - by I like this blender bomb as an ingredient to add to smoothies. It adds a unique flavor to them. I recommend skipping the suggestion of adding ice and just add frozen fruit.
Blender Bombs
Blender Bombs

Blender Bomb, Original

10 bombs (31 g each)$2.20/each
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