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Why you’ll love this box

Meet our member-favorite reds that are here to welcome you to the world of clean wine. Enjoy a medium-bodied Rioja organically grown in sunny Spain, a hand-harvested Italian Montepulciano that’s ready for your next charcuterie platter, a juicy Cabernet organically grown in Washington state, and a versatile Malbec our master sommelier deems appropriate for just about any circumstance.

Enhance your clean wine journey with a curated box of our favorite reds.

Josh Nadel
Master Sommelier
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Our Standards

Always Clean, Always Delicious

Clean wine is representative of a time and place, reflecting both the terroir and climate in which the grapes were grown and the meticulous care of farmers and winemakers. From grape to glass, every bottle delivers on a promise to bring members clean, delicious, and inspiring wines from makers who share our values.

Low Impact, Organic, or Biodynamic Vineyards


Expertly Curated by a Master Sommelier


From $12-18/bottle