Zum Mist, Frankincense & MyrrhZum Mist, Frankincense & Myrrh663204210554These trance partners pair up for a classic reunion of dark, dreamy, deep, woodsy, and sweet that overflows from head to toe. With just a few squirts, Zum Mist spritzes away bad vibes and nasty funk, leaving you in an aromatherapy paradise. Spin the bottle and dare to feel good any which way you can imagine. Body spray, aromatherapy shower sauna, hair freshener, linen lover, bathroom buddy, car companion. The uses are as profuse as the goosebumps you'll feel after spraying Zum Mist. And the ingredients are simple: purified water, pure essential oils, fragrance oil, vegetable glycerin, and you.4 fl oz bottle
Favorite - by This is my favorite scent. I use this in every room. It is so calming. and everyone comments on how great it smells. It is strong, so 2 sprays are enough
Happy hippy! - by I am obsessed with this! It smells absolutely amazing and I will definitely be buying again!
Gave me a headache - by I was not a fan of the scent and after spraying this I got a headache.
Used for years! - by I love the smell, but I know it's not for everyone. It takes me back to my happy place.
Really wanted to like this... - by I adore the laundry soap in this same scent -- so I thought this would be wonderful to spray my dryer balls with -- and to freshen clothes/sheets that lose that scent quickly. This scent does not smell the same at all, however. Something about it is rather unpleasant. I really wanted to like it.
Indigo Wild
Indigo Wild

Zum Mist, Frankincense & Myrrh

4 fl oz bottle$2.20/fl oz
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