Zum Mist, Patchouli Ylang YlangZum Mist, Patchouli Ylang Ylang663204241732With the help of floral ylang ylang and earthy patchouli essential oils, Indigo Wild's Zum Mist can help spritz away unwanted scents in any part of your home. Use it as a linen or bathroom spray, hair freshener, or add a spritz to the shower before you lather up.4 fl oz bottle
great smell - by I use this as an air freshener. It's great!
Love this fragrance! - by This product is so useful in so many ways. We use it for a bathroom spray, a fragrance to wear, to spray in clothes in the closet or in drawers to freshen them up, etc. And it's safe! No toxic chemicals.
Great Spray but.... - by I bought 5 for hostess gift bags but 2 out 5 wouldn't spray when I tested them ( thank goodness I pre teseted)
So happy they have this on here!! - by This has been my favorite body spray long before i knew of thrive so i was very happy to see it on here!! Great for patchouli lovers <3
very strong - by u do not need much of this at all but smells amazing.
Indigo Wild
Indigo Wild

Zum Mist, Patchouli Ylang Ylang

4 fl oz bottle$2.20/fl oz
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