XylitolXylitol733739069832There’s a lot to like about Xylitol. This naturally-occurring sugar alcohol is one of the healthiest and most unique sweeteners you’ll find. Unlike sugars such as sucrose and fructose, NOW Real Food™ Xylitol is a sugar alcohol, which doesn’t promote tooth decay. Even though it’s classified as a carbohydrate, it has a low glycemic impact due to its slow absorption in the digestive tract, and its caloric impact is around 1/3 lower than other carbohydrates, making Xylitol a healthy sweetener that’s hard to beat. Xylitol is commercially produced from the cellulose of wood, sugar cane pulp, certain seed hulls, and/or corn cobs. NOW® Real Food Xylitol is produced from non-GMO corn cobs.1 lb bag
Xylitol - by My cousin told me recently to try Xylitol. It was difficult to find in the stores, but not on Thrive! It tastes great and way better than sugar!!
Good - by Wanted to try something new. It’s great for baking but xylitol is toxic to pets and every time I use it, I’m afraid my cats will get ahold of the food I use it in.
Just don't let your pets eat - by Xylitol is the best product I've used so far as a substitute for sugar. However being a pet person you must be very careful. Just like several other items and plants you cannot let your animals get into xylitol you can make them very sick. My reason for sticking with it is that to me it has the best taste it has no aftertaste is closest to sugar I just wish it came in a larger less expensive bag cuz I would use it for everything.
Xylitol - by Great keto sweetener
Great sugar alternative - by Love using this in place of sugar for baking
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