Underarm Detox Scrub, Coconut & CharcoalUnderarm Detox Scrub, Coconut & Charcoal687735623355Before you transition to natural deodorant, start with a clean slate. Pacifica's Underarm Detox Scrub helps remove pore-clogging products from your skin using coconut and charcoal. The formula is vegan and cruelty-free, and made without aluminum, sulfates, parabens, or phthalates.7 oz jar
Eh - by Didn’t love this. Definitely didn’t do anything for body odor, and isn’t actually very “scrub”-y at all. Has a beautiful metallic color that makes me wonder what is actually in it.
Love this - by When I made the switch to Natural deodorants this was a huge help in the transition! And I still use it once a week like a little maintenance. :)
Ritual - by My once a week nourishing shower ritual includes this put detox scrub. I’ve noticed a difference in the long run with my perspiration and smell.
This works - by I use a natural deodorant, and this pit scrub is amazing! I use it at least once per week, and I love how it smells
game changer - by this stuff rocks! Works so well- great thing if you just started using natural deodorant!

Underarm Detox Scrub, Coconut & Charcoal

7 oz jar$2.14/oz