Fast and Fresh Dental Swipes for DogsFast and Fresh Dental Swipes for Dogs893217001058Pets need regular dental care in-between professional cleanings, just like we do. And fresh breath is just the start! Regular dental care promotes healthy gums and can reduce infections that lead to tooth decay—and can even lead to more serious health problems. Many pet lovers find using True Blue Fast and Fresh Dental Swipes for Dogs much easier than brushing, yet they provide similar oral health benefits. Vets agree that the friction provided by these strips is vital for plaque removal (and is not provided by water additives or spray-on products). Baking Soda and peppermint fight plague and bacteria to promote a healthy mouth, while parsley freshens breath.50 pads
Easy to use! - by I found these easy to use on my otherwise finicky dog - I don't know if they are scrubby enough to replace toothbrushing, but they were easy to use and better than nothing.
much easier than using a brush - by these help my dog’s bad breath!
Doggy breath - by Use on my dog. She has sensitive gums and it helps keep her teeth clean
Didn’t help - by These didn’t do much for our dog. No change in breath freshness
easier than brushing - by Great alternative to brushing especially elderly doggos. Has helped with dog breath as well.
True Blue
True Blue

Fast and Fresh Dental Swipes for Dogs

50 pads
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