Whitening Toothpaste, Fresh MintWhitening Toothpaste, Fresh Mint860002276700Brighten your pearly whites with a glycerin-free toothpaste from Wellnesse. Hydroxyapatite (a natural mineral) helps strengthen teeth, aloe vera helps reduce staining, and green tea powder encourages fresh breath.4 oz tube
Kid friendly - by This is the only healthy toothpaste my kids will use.
Love this product. - by Tastes closest to my homemade toothpaste!!
The best toothpaste ever! - by There’s no better toothpaste on the market when it comes to how good the ingredients are and also works and feels great!
Never go back! - by One of my favorite natural toothpastes!! It has whitened my teeth and honestly I wasn’t thinking it would but it blew me away!! Love the taste! Being a mama of two little ones i love the fact that it is safe for them even if swallowed. Overall it’s the best natural toothpaste I have used and will never go back!
Fave - by Was really stoked to finally see this on Thrive after ordering through Wellnesse in the past. So far my favorite fluoride-free paste. I always feel minty clean after, unlike with some other brands I've used.

Whitening Toothpaste, Fresh Mint

4 oz tube$2.57/oz
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