Make Even the Glossiest Lipstick Matte With This Simple DIY Trick

September 26th, 2016

Fire-engine red. Barely-there nude. Deep burgundy. Pale lilac. All scene-stealing lip colors—especially when you wear them matte.

A flat, velvety finish is such a nice alternative to glossy, and a matte lip instantly takes your whole look up a notch. Thankfully, you don’t need to restock your makeup bag to give it a try, either—you can make any lipstick matte with this trick and a little translucent powder.

Press play to see how it works and follow along to learn the technique.

  1. Line your lips and apply lipstick.
  2. Separate a tissue into a one-ply sheet, and gently place over your lips (it’ll stick).
  3. Lightly dip a makeup brush into matte translucent powder, then tap over the tissue onto your lips. The tissue acts as a filter, so you can apply powder little by little.
  4. Repeat until you’re happy with the finish, and remove the tissue.

Ta-da! Your favorite shade, minus the gloss.

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