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If You’re Going to Pop That Zit, Here’s the Best Way to Do It

We know it’s bad for us. Dermatologists beg us to stop. But for some reason we can’t keep our hands off of our faces every time an angry red pimple crops up. What’s up with our weird zit obsession?

From Heart Health to Acne Prevention, How to Choose a Probiotic That Works

Cure acne, heal indigestion, improve mood, and finally get six-pack abs. Nope, this isn’t some fantasy wish list or bogus infomercial ad—it’s what can actually happen to your body when you finally start taking the right probiotic supplement. 

3 Reasons To Try An Epsom Salt Detox Bath

Want to get healthier without taking a pharmacy’s worth of supplements and pills every morning? Try something a lot more enjoyable: Sink into a bath. It’s time to bring back an old favorite: an Epsom salt bath. It’s the most luxurious way to get your necessary vitamins.

Still Breaking Out Post-Puberty? Here’s How to Banish Adult Acne

Moms everywhere promised, “You’ll grow out of it once you hit your 20s.” Moms everywhere lied.

The Simple Acne Solution That No One Talks About

Having a bad hair day seems like a walk in the park compared to waking up to huge pimple on an important day.

Skin Mapping: What Your Face Is Trying To Tell You

Facial expressions can say a lot—a crinkly eyed smile indicates real happiness, while an eye roll and a frown show visible annoyance. But our faces go beyond just exhibiting emotion, and can say a lot more about our physical health than you might think.

Trying to Minimize Your Pores? This Easy Method Really Works

Even if you’re blessed with a naturally clear complexion, there’s one thing that can stand in the way of you and radiant, flawless-looking skin: your pores. If they’re enlarged, or have built-up dirt and oil, your skin can’t shine. But you can put your best face forward, naturally—with just a few simple steps.

5 Simple Pro Tips for Perfect Skin

I used to be in a constant battle with my skin. Now? Not so much. Trying to keep my face clear felt as pointless as trying to straighten up the clothes on any given store rack—you know somebody is just going to come along in five minutes and tear everything apart. No matter what scrub ...

3 Ways To Beat Breakouts With Tea Tree Oil

The worst breakouts always seem to come at the most inopportune times.

10 Ways You Can Eliminate Adult Acne With Your Diet

If you are currently struggling with adult acne, consider having it as a blessing in disguise. Your skin problems are your body’s way of saying, “you need to make some diet and lifestyle changes — stat!”

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