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How This MIT Grad Eats For Longevity

Holistic fitness coach Marisa Chaela has big plans for the future. “When I’m 80, I want to still be able to go on adventures, be strongly independent, and do pull ups,” she says. “I want to be able to live life to the fullest for as long as possible.”

What Is Argan Oil?

In the world of beauty and wellness, oils tend to be superstars. From DIY hair and skincare treatments to holistic healing remedies, these naturally derived serums can support a variety of self-care rituals. But while some may be considered “essential,” not all oils are created equal. Enter argan oil. This ancient beauty secret has finally ...

Is Serum the Secret Anti-Aging Weapon That’s Missing From Your Skin Care Routine?

It’s fair to say skin is under attack every day. The damage-causing enemies? Free radicals and environmental stress. Moisturizers and other treatments try to keep the peace, but to effectively tackle skin issues, special ops might be in order.

Healthy Obsession: This Ancient Chinese Herb Could Be an Anti-Aging Miracle

Legend has it that one night—many, many moons ago—a drunken, 58-year-old, impotent man stumbled upon a mysterious root in the forest. After consuming this He shou wu regularly, he watched his gray hair return to black, fathered 19 healthy children, and lived to be 160 years old. So, what does science have to say about ...

Healthy Obsession: Rosehip Oil Is Mother Nature’s Anti-Aging Secret

“If you could buy just one product at Thrive Market, what…” I started to ask Health and Wellness Editor, Dana Poblete. “Rosehip oil!” she blurted before I could finish the question. Hey, if Miranda Kerr, Kate Middleton, and Poblete are fans, sign me up.

This Sunny Yellow Face Mask Harnesses a Seriously Powerful Ingredient

For thousands of years, Indian brides have traditionally used a special concoction from head to toe on the eve of their wedding to get skin glowing for their big day.

Feast On These Anti-Aging Brain Foods To Stay Sharper, Longer

My grandmother loved her toast and coffee. She always ate simply and modestly, favoring plain meals. She lived to be a 92-year-old great-grandmother, but in much of her elder years, she was in and out of coherence.

Your Perfect Beauty Regimen: Skincare in Your 50s

The dermatologist can be even more intimidating than the dentist: scary lasers, pulsating lights, vibrating tools that scrape off the top layer of your skin.

7 Bizarre Beauty Treatments You Won’t Believe Are Real

Have you seen Kim Kardashian’s recent no-makeup magazine cover and editorial? (Spoiler: She looks gorgeous.) Perhaps her glow comes from the “vampire facial” she swears by.

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