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4 Burpee Exercises for the Best Workout

What’s the best move to do to get your heart rate up for a quick cardio workout? —Matthew H. If you really want to break a sweat during your workout, look no further than good ol’ burpees. As a benchwarmer on my high school’s track team, I had to do 50 of the punishing-but-effective move ...

What’s the Fastest Way to Erase Cellulite

I’m going on vacation next week and can’t wait to rock my new bathing suit—but I’m just a little self-conscious of the dimples on my legs. I’m going to start using the foam roller to help, but are there any quick fixes for cellulite? —Simone S.

What Can I Do To Get Rid of Lower Back Pain?

I can’t seem to ease my lower back pain. I’m an active person, I use a standing desk at work, and try to stretch during the day, but nothing seems to help with the soreness. Are there any exercises I can do to release my lower back? —Peter F.

Can I Get Slimmer Legs by Using a Foam Roller?

I love using my foam roller for a post-workout massage—but is there anything else I can do with it?  —Rachel G.

Work Out Like a Pro Athlete Without Spending Hours at the Gym

January is such an optimistic time. Resolutions are set, diets are committed to, and the treadmills at the gym are practically smoking because they’re getting so much mileage.

5 Ways to Reset and Recharge Your Body After a Long Weekend

On average, we dedicate 12 minutes out of every Monday to complaining about the start of the week. Yeah, weekends are the greatest. But exactly how much fun you have on Saturday and Sunday might make Monday seem even worse.

6 Crazy Ways Getting It On Could Benefit Your Health

Already an integral part of healthy relationships (and, you know, propagating the world), heading to the bedroom might actually be more important to overall health and well-being than previously realized.

7 Bizarre Apps That Put Your Health In Your Hands

Here are some of the bizarre—but awesome—apps out there changing the face of fitness, health, and wellness.

The Best-Kept Secret For Seriously Awesome Abs

Still doing crunches at the gym in a quest for abs like Kate Hudson or Channing Tatum? While those classic sit-ups do work your core, it’s unlikely they’ll transform your stomach completely without some serious supporting moves. Ready for a routine that will give you a toned, sleek midriff?

Yoga In the Clouds: De-Stress With Simple Airplane-Friendly Poses

“I love sitting on an airplane for hours and hours!” said nobody, ever. Even if chronic pain isn’t an issue, being stuck in close quarters and a stuffy atmosphere can make a body sore and stiff as a board. But it’s possible to combat travel aches with a few yoga poses you can do anywhere–even at ...

6 Easy Ways to Hack Your Cardio Workouts

You know that you need a little bit of cardio in your training plan in order to have a healthy heart and to see the best results from your workouts, you just can’t get seem to lace up your sneakers and get going. Yep, it’s exercise apathy.

Athletes Are Turning to a New Supplement: Breast Milk

A single ingredient helps a human grow from a tiny, helpless infant into a walking, titanic toddler: breast milk, aka the original superfood.

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