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Your Guide to Nutricosmetics, aka Beauty Supplements

You’re likely already using topical treatments as a way to care for your skin and hair, but beauty supplements go a step further: by offering a dose of essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, and antioxidants, they can help to do things like boost collagen production and increase hair growth (talk about inner beauty!) “Aptly known as ...

Color Hair Care Routine With Juice Organics

Keep color-treated hair looking vibrant long after you leave the salon with Juice Organics’ Color Protect hair care.

Argan Oil vs. Coconut Oil

From olive to jojoba to grapeseed and rosehip, oils have a longstanding reputation as nature’s proprietary serums. But as we continue to tap into the benefits of these holistic wellness essentials, we can’t help but notice a few star players among the pack. Two oils that are quickly earning their place in our regular rotation ...

What Does Coconut Oil Do for Your Hair?

Coconut oil on hair? Well, I can personally relate to the benefits. It all started a few months ago. I called my hairstylist in a panic—a mere 48 hours after she’d bleached the ever-living daylight out of my hair, I had strands breaking off and falling out. It was a sharp turn of events from ...

Olive Oil and Hair Care

Between the chemicals in shampoos and conditioners, the blow drying, heat treating, and dyeing, hair takes quite the beating.

6 Surprising Beauty Uses for Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Ask 81-year-old beauty icon and actress Sophia Loren what her anti-aging secret is, and she might tell you it’s “the odd bath in virgin olive oil.”

Is There Any Way to Make Hair Grow Faster?

I’ve been trying to grow out my hair for ages, but it never seems to make it past a certain length before it starts breaking off. What gives? I’ve read that taking prenatal vitamins can help, but is there anything else I can do to speed up hair growth? —Courtney W.

A 3-Ingredient Fix for the No. 1 Winter Hair Problem

A record-breaking blast of bone-chilling temps has made daily life harsh for much of the U.S. While hair problems are definitely not the most pressing issue people are facing during the polar vortex, they’re still downright irritating.

Healthy Obsession: Beauty Oil That Makes Skin and Hair Less Oily

It may sound odd, but the best way to fight oily skin and hair is with—wait for it—oil! This is especially the case with one of our all-time favorite beauty essentials: jojoba.

4 Natural-Haired Women Share Their Top Styling and Hair Care Tips

Chemical relaxer kits, Brazilian blowouts, and flat-irons are treasured tools in an era in which stick-straight hair has become synonymous with “good” hair. The catch-22: these styling staples are pretty destructive.

Thrive 5: Affordable, All-Natural Products for Healthy Hair

Beautiful, healthy hair starts with beautiful, healthy ingredients—not synthetic, toxic ones you can’t even pronounce. Fortunately, these hair remedies come at a fraction of the price of fancy salon products—yet work even better.

Everything You Need to Know About Growing Your Hair Out

“A bad haircut is only three weeks away from a good one.”

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