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How to Spot Greenwashing (And How We Avoid It at Thrive Market) 

Have you heard the term “greenwashing” before? It refers to products or companies that use marketing to appear like they’re good for the planet through the use of vague or misleading labels and identifiers or unregulated claims.  While these products may seem like better options for your health and for the environment, they often don’t ...

ALOHA’s Thrive Market Exclusive Pa’akai Bar Supports Local Farms & Sustainability in Hawaii 

The Hawaiian word Paʻakai can be split into two different root words: paʻa, which means “solidified”, and kai, which means “ocean water”. In the Hawaiian language, Paʻakai translates to “sea salt” — the solidified form of water from the sea. The second flavor in ALOHA’s special edition line carried at Thrive Market, the ALOHA Pa’akai ...

What is Biodiversity? 

Some say that variety is the spice of life, but to environmental scientists, variety is the foundation of life.  Biodiversity is a concept that refers to the wide, expansive variety of species that coexist within a specific area on Earth. Without biodiversity, we wouldn’t have drinkable water, food sources, clean air, or a whole bunch ...

Talking Biodynamic Farming (and Perfect Pork Chops) with Molly Chester of Apricot Lane Farms

Molly Chester is a farmer—a real-deal farmer, with 234 acres and the pigs to prove it—but like many people, she started out with just a tiny apartment and a tomato plant.  Chester is a traditional foods chef and the co-founder of Apricot Lane Farms, the center of the 2018 documentary “The Biggest Little Farm“. In ...

How ALOHA’s New Kona Bar Supports Agriculture and Education in Hawaii 

If you wanted to capture the flavors of Hawaii in a snack, you’d probably want to start with some of the island’s signature ingredients, like coconut, Kona coffee, and macadamia nuts.

KIND Almond Acres Initiative: A Kinder Way to Grow the Brand’s #1 Ingredient

This guest post was authored by KIND, one of our best-selling brands. KIND makes healthy snacks and bars with almonds, granola, and other nutrient-dense, wholesome ingredients.  Announcing The KIND Almond Acres Initiative Almonds are our number one ingredient. We use millions of pounds of them each year, which is exactly why we’re focusing on understanding ...

Dr. Bronner’s Launches Regenerative Organic Certified™ to Help Fight Climate Change

In 1948, Emmanuel Bronner founded the now-iconic castile soap brand Dr. Bronner’s.  Decades, later in 2003, Dr. Bronner’s became the largest personal care company to be certified USDA organic, during a time when greenwashing was rampant and true organic practices were largely misunderstood.  “Emanuel Bronner was ahead of his time, making biodegradable soaps with simple, ...

Ancient Grains, Grown the Ancient Way

Quinoa, cacao, chia seeds, functional mushrooms…these popular health foods have deep roots in indigenous communities. But increasing demand and the resulting pressure to produce large volumes can lead to unsustainable agricultural practices that have negative impacts on both farmers and the environment.

How a Family-Run Farm Nurtures its Animals and its Community

When David Pitman says he intends to “brainwash his kids” into poultry farming, he’s joking…kind of. 

Thrive Market 2021 Impact Report at a Glance: Our Biggest Wins for People & Planet

Every year, we’re dedicated to furthering our mission of providing healthy and affordable groceries to all — and we’re aware of the ways our environmental and social impact is inextricably linked to that cause. It’s all connected, and we’re firmly committed to making healthy food accessible to all in a way that’s better for everyone, from ...

Regenerative Brand Roundup: How Regenerative Agriculture Supports a Better Food Future

While it is possible for individuals to make change, it’s a whole lot easier when people band together. When it comes to something as impactful as changing our long-standing food systems, more and more forward-thinking brands know that regenerative agriculture is our best bet for a sustainable food future — and by forming organizations like ...

Agriculture That Heals: Regenerative Farming Around The World

In Tolima, located in the Andean region of Colombia, Heather Terry picks up a handful of dirt — teeming with worms and so dark it’s almost black. Nearly 8,000 miles away, in Kenya, she gathers another pile of earth; this one a warm red.

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