Low FODMAP Marinara SauceLow FODMAP Marinara Sauce628055758006Say yes to Italian Night with Fody’s Marinara Sauce. Finally, a savory onion & garlic free Pasta Sauce you and your sensitive stomach can say YES to. Si si. Grazie Grazie. This gut-happy sauce is made with simple, delicious ingredients like tomatoes, basil and extra virgin Olive oil.19.4 oz jar
Ancient Nutrition, SBO Probiotics, Ultimate - by excellent probiotic
BIG fan of Fody brands - by We are big fans of all FODY sauces especially if you are sensitive to garlic and onions. Actually, we love ALL of their products!
Game changer - by Game changer for IBS and tastes great. Delicious with nutritional yeast added on top or pizza or pasta!
Flavorful - by This sauce is more flavorful than I expected, it has a nice rich basil flavor. I also like how fine the texture is, it makes a great base to a spaghetti sauce.
Surprisingly Good - by I did the FODMAP diet for a few weeks and really wanted Italian food. I didn't miss onion or garlic at all, this sauce has great flavor!
FODY Foods
FODY Foods

Low FODMAP Marinara Sauce

19.4 oz jar$0.36/oz
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