Honey Graham CrackersHoney Graham Crackers093709620013From summer s’mores to winter pies, Pamela’s Honey Grahams Crackers are perfect for many uses and many diets. Each box is full of gluten-free goodness and features wholesome ingredients that are clear of wheat, soy, corn, nuts, and eggs. There’s also no trans fats or corn syrup. Instead, these grahams are made with non-GMO butter and organic honey.7.5 oz box
Not graham crackers - by If someone gave me one and said that this is a cracker, I would like it more. It claims to be a graham cracker, and it doesn't meet my standards (Neither does Nabisco).
So good - by Such a great taste and perfect for smores!
Too buttery, not graham crackery. - by I should have read the ingredients. Butter is the first one listed. Super buttery taste. More like a weird shortbread. I was expecting a more typical graham cracker taste. They also had a sandy mouth feel. I would have actually given the texture a pass if they did not taste like butter.
Not for me - by Was to sugary for me and did not remind me of a graham cracker
Just okay - by These look like a thick graham cracker, but in my opinion are very grainy/gritty in texture...and don't really taste like a graham cracker to me. They aren't bad per se, but I don't know that I would buy them again either.

Honey Graham Crackers

7.5 oz box
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