Original Mushroom JerkyOriginal Mushroom Jerky891742002014Made with shiitake mushrooms, Pan's original uses simple ingredients and is slightly sweet and blissfully umami. Original Mushroom Jerky is vegan, gluten-free, paleo friendly, and uses organic ingredients.2.2 oz pouch
Jerky - by My kids did not like the flavor. Sorry this is a no go !
BEST VEGAN JERKY Ever - by Here is yet another product that I saw on ABC's Shark Tank and decided to order one of every flavor and I'm glad that I did. Made from mushrooms are SO Tasty and has great chewy texture too. ALL FLAVORS ARE FABULOUS.
I just didn't like it, maybe others would - by Really tough, tastes kind of like bitter earth more than what cooked mushrooms taste like. If you've ever eaten magic mushrooms, they taste like those but with some kind of soy sauce stuff on them.
no - by very weird. wouldn't recommend.
could not chew these - by could be my own teeth but this was too tough to chew and kind of had a dog food flavor
Pan's Mushroom Jerky
Pan's Mushroom Jerky

Original Mushroom Jerky

2.2 oz pouch
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