Probiotic 55 BillionProbiotic 55 Billion878941002120Probiotic 55 Billion is formulated with 10 strains of viable organisms including 11 billion Bifidobacterium CFUs"¡ and 44 billion Lactobacillus CFUs"¡, the bacteria most dominantly found in the large and small intestines. It's a well known fact that intestinal flora often decreases as we get older. Decreased intestinal flora can cause your digestive system to function incorrectly, allowing important nutrients your body needs to pass through the digestive system without being broken down and absorbed."  Therefore, taking a probiotic like Probiotic 55 Billiondaily can help your body maintain a healthy functioning digestive system."  In addition, each delayed-release capsule helps prevent probiotics from being damaged by stomach acid, allowing them to reach the small intestine for maximum effectiveness."  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.30 capsules
A brand I've been using for over 30 years - by I use their iodine, selenium and protassium regularly as needed so I decided to try their probiotics as well. I didn't notice any appreciable difference but its the same with all the brands. I just take probiotics as part of my regimen.
Great probiotic - by Trace minerals stuff is just so good. I used these while I was on antibiotics and these helped tremendously to ease my stomach. Mind you I was on and off antibiotics for over 6 months. Will buy again.
Probiotic - by Always love the effect on my GI!
Great daily probiotics - by Great price, reputable brand, perfect daily (nightly) probiotic supplement.
Good probiotic - by This probiotic helped me a lot but unfortunately is only available to purchase during colder months since I get my orders to Florida
Trace Minerals
Trace Minerals

Probiotic 55 Billion

30 capsules
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This item may be shipped with a free eco-friendly cold pack to safeguard it from extreme temperatures
This item may be shipped with a free eco-friendly cold pack to safeguard it from extreme temperatures