Almond Butter Is So Much More Than a Toast Topper—Here Are 4 Ideas!

March 17th, 2017

When it comes to creamy almond butter, there are tried-and-true ways to enjoy it—as jelly’s companion in a sandwich, or spread it inside celery stalks for a healthy snack. (We also won’t judge if you like to eat spoonfuls straight from the jar!). But AB can do more than stand in for peanut butter, and here are four unexpected ideas to prove it.

Top a sweet potato with almond butter

Baked sweet potatoes make an easy and satisfying supper, especially when they’re loaded with tasty toppings like beans or sautéed greens. For an extra dose of creaminess, we like adding a little drizzle of almond butter over the top!

Mellow a spicy dish

Can’t take the heat? Almond butter’s subtle nuttiness can help take a dish from spicy to palatable. For instance, if you’re making a curry and there’s too much heat, drop a dollop of almond butter into the pot, stir until melted, then taste it until the flavors are just right.

Swap it for butter 1:1

Grab your favorite brownie mix and swap out regular butter for your favorite creamy almond spread, using a 1:1 substitution. (And just in case you didn’t know, one stick of butter equals ½ cup.) You’ll never know such a wholesome ingredient is hiding inside!

Use almond butter to thicken soup or chili

When your soup is a little too thin, try swirling in a large spoonful of almond butter. This works especially well with chili because it complements the mild flavor of beans nicely.

Photo credit: Paul Delmont

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