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Last Update: June 2, 2023

Wondering what to get your best friend for the holidays? Your four-legged best friend that is. Dogs and cats are just as much a member of the family as parents, siblings, and children, so they deserve a spot on your shopping list, too.

And the good news is they are much easier to buy for since they will get excited for literally anything you get them with that same unconditional love they show you all year long. Whether you want to wrap up a toy for endless hours of playtime, or get them started on a natural food or bathing regimen, Thrive Market has something for every pet under our tree.

The truth about cats and dog products

The truth is, pets can rule our worlds, which is reason why pet products are a more than $62 billion dollar a year industry—and one that’s growing constantly. However, with all that production of goods, the market is saturated with plenty of substandard products, with many foods full of fillers and binding agents, and toys and grooming solutions made from cheap plastics and chemicals that can sometimes end up with a trip to the vet.

Just as humans can benefits from natural, organic, products, so can pets. Here are some of our favorite picks that have their health (and your budget) in mind.

Gifts for your favorite felines

Cats are as lovable as they are fickle—that’s part of their charm. They may ignore a brand-new cat tree, but will spend hours playing in the box it came in. However, picking the purr-fect gift for your furry friend doesn’t have to be hard. They love lots of options, just like people. When in doubt, spoil the cat—just like you always do.

Tasty treats

If your cats have made the good list this year, here are a few ways to reward them. Whether they like chicken or fish, there’s something for every finicky feline.

Castor & Pollux Organix Chicken Flavored Cat Treats

Here’s another tasty chicken treat for felines, especially for those who have a little “extra fur” this holiday season. These morsels have fewer than 2 calories per piece, which is a preventative measure to help keep your cat in tip-top shape since over half of America’s feline population is considered obese. Give your kitty a treat that’ll taste good and help him or her control weight.

Halo Liv-a-Littles Salmon Protein Treats

Or, if your cat is more into fish, he or she will love Halo’s Salmon Protein Treats. They’re sized perfectly for a cat’s smaller mouth to allow them to happily chew. And they’re made from all-natural ingredients, including high-protein, freeze-dried wild salmon.

Fun toys

Cats are always ready to play, and the right toy can provide hours of entertainment—for them and the family as you watch the shenanigans ensue. These hand-picked options are made from natural materials that are safe for cats and will stand up to plenty of use.

Beco Pet Plush Cat Toy, Fish

Or, maybe your cat is tempted by floundering fish. If so, this toy will keep them engaged (and away from making any messes) for hours. Like all Beco Pet Toys, this fish is made from recycled plastic bottles and filled with North American catnip that draws them in.

Pet Play Leeloo Cat Scratcher

Just try to get their paws off this scratch toy! Made from FDA certified corrugated recycled paper that won’t shed as easily, this toy features an infinity shape and is reversible in either an ash grey or chocolate color to fit with your home’s decor.

All the basics

In addition to fun toys and good-for-them snacks, you can also treat your cats to brand-new supplies like a food bowl, collar, or nourishing pet wipes.

Beco Pet Natural Cat BecoBowl

If your cat’s bowl has had its run, upgrade to a new, biodegradable option like Beco Pet’s eco-friendly dish. It’s made exclusively from plant fibers from bamboo rice husks and features a wave design with lowered rim so that kitty’s sensitive whiskers won’t push against the bowl while eating, making mealtime more enjoyable. This dish is also dishwasher-safe.

Good Dog Cat Collar, Plum

Fashionable cats love a good-looking collar. This plum option is not only a haute look but it’s also made from super soft hemp and organic cotton that will feel good against kitty’s fur. It adjusts to fit neck sizes from 7 to 13 inches and has a breakaway Kitty Klip ensuring their safety at all times.

Organic Oscar Aloe Vera Pet Wipes

Cats are always preoccupied with cleaning themselves, but you can help with the task by swiping a gentle Organic Oscar Wipe across their torso and legs. Made with organic aloe vera, there’s also no trace of soap, parabens, sulfates, dyes, or any other artificial fragrances or ingredients.

Gifts for your devoted dogs

Dogs love their humans to bits, and would probably be just as happy to receive a great belly scratch as they would a shiny new toy. But for all the companionship and warmth pups give all year long, they should get to unwrap something special of their own—and unwrap they will if you let them have at that paper.

Tasty treats

Choosing the right treats matters. Some contain fillers like soy, which can not only lead to poor nutrition, but can also cause skin or hair issues in sensitive breeds. Instead, offer one of these all-natural options that make great stocking stuffers—and will make your pup stuffed, too.

Fun toys

One universal truth about dogs is that they love to play. Giving your pooch a couple of fun toys is a great way to brighten their lives and interact with them, too. From playing fetch to tug of war, these options offer countless hours of entertainment and won’t fall apart easily like other options. They’re safe, durable, and always enjoyable.

Pet Play Garden Fresh Plush Dog Toys Set

Give your pets their daily serving of fruits and veggies with these cute-shaped plush toys that are soft and easy for Fido to chew. They’re also made from natural cotton fibers built to stand up to even the most serious playtime. The filler is eco-friendly, while the squeaker inside is sure to keep their attention for a while.

Pet Play Dog’s Life Bone Plush Dog Toy, Small

Small dogs need toys sized just for them. Pet Play’s plush bone fits easily into their petite mouths. It’s made from 100 percent recycled post-consumer plastic bottles and features multiple stitch construction so it lasts longer. It’s also washing machine- and dryer-friendly so you can effectively clean it after outdoors play. Also find it in a medium size.

Beco Pet Green Beco Ball

Ready for the best game of fetch ever? Not only is Beco Pet’s ball non-toxic, but it’s also made of natural rubber, so it’ll last game after game. That means dogs won’t be swallowing any nasty chemicals when they chew, either. And chew they will, when they find treats stashed in the toy’s hidden compartment. Great for fetch or solo time, the Beco Ball will keep dogs’ tails wagging.

All the basics

Dogs may give you all the love and attention you could ever want, but they also rely on you for certain necessities like food, water, protection, and cleanings. Here are some useful basics that also provide extra special perks for you.

Beco Pet Green Travel Bowl

Taking the pooch for an adventure? Don’t forget his bowl! The Beco Travel Bowl is made from non-toxic silicone and sturdy plant fiber plastic, but collapses for easy travel uses. So, now your pet will never miss a meal or chance to get hydrated while away from home.

New Earth Soy Adjustable Collar, Cranberry

Here’s a collar fit for your little prince or princess. New Earth’s product is made from strong, but natural soy fibers in an array of beautiful colors like this vibrant cranberry. Not only does the collar have a soft, cashmere feel that’s comfortable for your dog but it has built-in antibacterial properties to control odors, so you can enjoy it, too. Adjusts from 8 to 12 inches in diameter.

Dr. Harvey’s Herbal Ear Wash

Dogs need help cleaning their hard-to-reach ear area, and products like Dr. Harvey’s Herbal Ear Wash makes it easy to help them. This all-natural, alcohol-free formula is made with herbal extracts that are soothing and healing and protect canals from fungus, bacteria, dirt, and wax build-up. Your dog’s ears will feel great and will save you trips to the vet.


More in the mood to give a DIY present? Homemade pet treats add a personal touch, and dogs and cats always love a homemade batch of morsels to snack on.

Bacon from the oven

What’s not to love about bacon? It’s crunchy, salty, and delicious. Pets love it as much as people do—which is evident when they flock to the kitchen while it’s cooking. Doing so in the oven is an excellent way to cut the grease while keeping bacon’s smoky, rich flavor. It’s a nice little treat for pets around the holidays that’s easy and inexpensive to make.

Brown Rice and Salmon Salad

Yes, this recipe is for humans. But with all the health benefits of omega-3 mentioned earlier, why not share a little with pets? Salmon is rich in fish oil, so it tastes great to them and offers a nutritious surprise.

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