How to Feel Fulfilled on Whole30 with Whitney Stuart

January 22nd, 2020

Whitney Stuart is a dietitian-nutritionist, certified diabetic educator, and 2018 recipient of the Most Innovative Whole30® Coaching award. Here, she shares her top Whole30® tips and products to support your January Whole30® journey.

What kept you motivated to complete your first Whole30® month even when it felt impossible?

After a startling diagnosis of multiple food allergies—gastrointestinal problems and Celiac—I was really ready to get all of the packaged, “allergen-free” foods out of my diet and focus on eating real food. I had a fear of food and was living off of a medical powder for two meals per day as a freshman in college. I craved normalcy, eating with friends, etc. The 30 days gave me a glimpse into MORE options that I could eat. I was motivated to find more, new nourishing options for my diet.

What would you tell Thrive Market members who are nearly done with their first Whole30® month and need a little encouragement to finish strong?

You have a purpose for this reset—circle back to your “why.”

Any favorite recipes or snacks that helped you make it through?

I recently tried spicy seaweed—it’s a total game-changer! But my go-to snacks are meat sticks. I’m really active and thrive on a high-protein diet. I keep at least three different meat sticks on hand at all times—during the Food Freedom phase, too!

How do you prevent yourself from feeling deprived while doing a Whole30® month?

If you’re eating enough, you are less likely to feel deprived. Remember, this is not a diet for caloric restriction. I assess my hunger honestly every 3 to 4 hours and hydrate adequately to make sure that I’m actually hungry, not just thirsty. I also stay VERY busy with our social Dallas Duo Whole30® reset that includes weekly curated compliant brunches and workouts at the best local fitness boutiques. Socialization is so important during this 30-day period. Part of this passion stems from my own journey through deprivation and the moments where I felt like everyone else was eating “this” and I was forced to eat “that.”

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