Meet Three Thrive Gives Families That Are Happier and Healthier, Thanks to You

August 24, 2016
by Michelle Pellizzon for Thrive Market
Meet Three Thrive Gives Families That Are Happier and Healthier, Thanks to You

Every day, we're blown away by our incredible members and their commitment to leading healthier lives and creating a better world. By joining Thrive Market, members not only help their own families—they offer another family the chance to thrive, too.

Thanks to your generosity, we’re able to give to members like Ann. As a single mom of three, she’s got a lot on her plate—including caring for her 12-year-old son with special needs in addition to working full time. “I spend a fortune on childcare and healthcare every year, but I'm not on any government assistance programs,” Ann says. “I try to buy healthy, organic food for my kids as often as I can afford it. Our Thrive Market membership makes a huge difference in affordability.”

Just by joining Thrive Market, you’re giving to others—for every paid membership, we donate one to someone in need.

Want to do more? Donate to our Spread the Health campaign at checkout, which offers stipends to families who qualify. Or sign and share our petition urging the USDA to make food stamps available for online use. These might seem like small actions, but they make a huge difference—when we work together, we all thrive.

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