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Is the Keto Diet Safe?

All things keto have been taking the diet world by storm lately. It’s become a popular way to lose weight and improve overall health through intermittent fasting, and while fasting isn’t a brand new approach, you might be wondering if the keto diet is safe to try. Of course, you should run any major overhaul ...

These Are the Foods That Can Help Keep Teens and Tweens Acne-Free and Happy

Embarrassing. Self-conscious. Irrational. Dramatic. Full of rage. Ask anyone: this is what it feels like to cross that threshold from childhood to puberty. And it sucks. Tweens and teens have it really, really rough. Surging hormones take hold, which can bring on everything from extreme moodiness to insane sugar cravings to skin problems. Then, when ...

5 Foods to Eat for Acne-Free Skin

I’m an adult—so why am I still dealing with acne!? At night I alternate wrinkle cream with pimple cream. So not cool. I’m ready to try just about anything as long as it helps me get rid of zits. What do you recommend? —Tia N.

A 3-Ingredient DIY Miracle Toner for Acne-Prone Skin

I’m prone to breakouts year-round, but during the winter my normal anti-acne routine is way too drying. My skin gets so flaky, and then it seems like my acne actually gets worse. Is there anything I can add to my regimen to clear up my skin without aggravating it?

From Heart Health to Acne Prevention, How to Choose a Probiotic That Works

Cure acne, heal indigestion, improve mood, and finally get six-pack abs. Nope, this isn’t some fantasy wish list or bogus infomercial ad—it’s what can actually happen to your body when you finally start taking the right probiotic supplement. 

Still Breaking Out Post-Puberty? Here’s How to Banish Adult Acne

Moms everywhere promised, “You’ll grow out of it once you hit your 20s.” Moms everywhere lied.

10 Ways You Can Eliminate Adult Acne With Your Diet

If you are currently struggling with adult acne, consider having it as a blessing in disguise. Your skin problems are your body’s way of saying, “you need to make some diet and lifestyle changes — stat!”

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