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Home for the Holidays? 30 Ideas for Keeping it Festive

Normally, the holiday season would be in full swing by now… but this year hasn’t exactly been normal. Perhaps the last weeks of 2020 find you scaling down your festive feast for two, swapping the annual blowout bash for a low-key gathering in your living room, or raising a toast via Zoom. This year really ...

Fill Your Free Time With These Fun and Practical DIYs

Whether out of boredom or necessity, now is a great time to try some DIY projects at home. Mix up a creative cocktail or replenish your hairspray without a trip to the store—these projects are fun, easy, and practical. Try one with your kids, or plan to do one via a virtual happy hour with ...

Creative Ideas to Keep Your Kids Entertained

If you’ve been social distancing for a few weeks now, you may be reaching the point when your kids are beyond the point of being able to entertain themselves. And, if you’re juggling work in addition to childcare, then you’re probably not feeling super creative. Here’s the good news: you don’t have to be. Kids ...

The Perfect Kid-Friendly Activity for Snow Days: DIY Play-Dough!

Colder weather and shorter days are the perfect excuse to curl up with a good book or movie—unless you have kids. If that’s the case, then it’s time to get creative!

8 Eco-Friendly DIY Halloween Decorations

In a bid for spookiest house on the block, some Halloween enthusiasts can get carried away, filling their homes and lawns with plastic decorations.

5 DIYs to Fight Fruit Fly Invasions—And the 1 Method That Works Every Time

If you were to make a list of the nastiest pests on earth, where would fruit flies rank? Probably somewhere below cockroaches, rats, and pigeons, but above ants.

50+ Gift Ideas For Moms

For the woman who carried you for nine months and withstood grueling hours of labor to bring you into the world, do you really want to give her another necklace and dozen roses this year?

How To Make A DIY Wreath From Fresh Herbs

Reinvent the classic wreath by making your own out of fresh herbs. Not only does it look stunning, but it also smells incredible.

You’ve Got Mail! A Cute, Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Mailbox DIY for Kids

As a kid, it’s hard not be excited about your school Valentine’s Day party—it’s all sweet goodies and colorful, fun cards that spell out how much people like you.

A Quick & Easy Aromatic Centerpiece Idea

Fill a clear vase with aromatic herbs, spices, and fruit for a centerpiece that smells as good as it looks.

Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas With These 8 All-Natural DIY Tricks

Smell is the sense most closely tied to memory, which helps explain the rush of nostalgic feelings that flood our brains when we step into a home that smells like the holidays. It’s the accumulated memories of years gone by—delivered straight to your brain via your nose.

How to Throw an Eco-Friendly Holiday Party

We love throwing down as much as the next guy, but aside from the occasional hangover the morning after, what really hurts is seeing the amount of waste generated from a single awesome night.

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