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How GoodSam’s Regenerative Cacao Supports Community in Colombia

Chocolate—much like the occasional glass of red wine—is one of those foods whose health benefits almost seem too good to be true. But while chocolate’s heart-healthy flavanols and antioxidant properties are backed up by science, its sourcing is where things can get problematic.  At its origins, chocolate comes from the seeds of the cacao tree, ...

Lessons on Challenge from 10 Female Entrepreneurs

As a demographic, women bore the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on employment. According to an analysis of labor statistics by the National Women’s Law Center, women lost over 5 million jobs since the pandemic began, 1 million more jobs than men lost. Around 2.5 million women have left the workforce since February 2020, ...

Healthy Living For All: Our $10M Pledge to End Food Inequality

Fast food chains abound on the military base in the Mojave Desert where My lives with her husband and twin toddlers, but grocery stores that stock healthy items are hours away. Susan struggles to afford the groceries she needs on just $170 of government assistance per month. For Rachael, finding the gluten-free products that are ...

Availability of CBD and Hemp Products at Thrive Market

Dear Thrive Market members and supporters, In early June, we received a notice from our merchant processor demanding that we cease the sale of all hemp CBD products on Thrive Market. We unfortunately have no choice but to comply, and we’ll begin removing our assortment as early as Thursday, June 20. As many of our ...

What You Need to Know About the 2018 Farm Bill, and Why You Should Care

Every five years, conversation turns to the Farm Bill: that hulking, billion-dollar piece of legislation that governs much of what we eat and grow.

Farm-Raised vs. Wild-Caught Salmon: What’s the Difference?

Salmon is one of the most popular varieties of seafood, and for good reason: it’s hearty, mild in flavor, versatile, and pretty simple to cook.

What Is Sustainable Farming?

Sustainable farming is a growing movement that promotes the production of food, such as crops and animal products, through various farming techniques. These methods are used to support small family farms that raise healthy crops and livestock, protect the environment, stimulate local economies, and provide better health opportunities for consumers. In order to fully understand ...

5 Reasons Why Shopping at a Farmers Market Helps Save the World

Your weekly trip to the farmers market might feel like another mundane errand, but it’s really much more important than that.

5 Myths About GMOs the Food Industry Wants You to Believe

In the international movement for a safer and more sustainable food system, few issues have captivated eaters like genetic engineering. Products made with genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, are all over our supermarket shelves, and much of the produce we consume derives from seeds designed in a laboratory to withstand powerful herbicides and pesticides.

How Every Dollar You Spend on Groceries Impacts a Farmworker

Over the weekend, I moderated a panel discussion about modern agriculture’s impact on the land, as well as the people who work it.

Why Aren’t the Presidential Candidates Talking About Food?

No matter what your political affiliation, we can all agree the 2016 race for the White House has been equal parts fascinating, wacky, unprecedented, and intense. While this crazy campaign has often delved into the realm of the unbelievable, it has occasionally focused on actual issues affecting Americans—from healthcare, to taxes, to war, to job creation.

It’s National Ag Day—Thank a Farmer!

Ask 10 kids where their food comes from and you’re likely to hear at least a few of them say, “the supermarket.” Many adults would probably say the same thing.

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