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6 Dentist-Approved Tips for Creating a Healthy and Sustainable Dental Care Routine

When was the last time you considered the environmental impact of your oral care routine? 

Does Melatonin Help You Sleep? Plus 5 Other Natural Sleep Supplements

If you’re the type of person who tosses and turns just about every night, you may be searching for a magic pill to end your nighttime struggle. There are plenty of supplements that promise better sleep, but do they work? And more importantly, are they good for you? We spoke to Christina Kang, a Health ...

How Herbalism Can Help Support Your Immune System

As we continue to weather the coronavirus pandemic, boosting health and immunity is top of mind for many. We’ve been putting steps like frequent hand washing into practice, but now is also a great time to explore new ways to support your immune system, such as herbalism. Herbal medicine uses herbs to promote health and ...

Cold + Flu Remedies: What We’re Stocking Up On

Concerns around the spread of the COVID-19 coupled with the common illnesses that hit this time of year mean that staying healthy is top of mind for almost everyone. And while it’s true that cold and flu season is often hard to avoid—especially when you work in an office, have kids in school, or simply ...

What Is Keto Flu? Symptoms, Remedies & How to Avoid

Embracing a new way of eating is supposed to make you feel good, right? Typically, yes. But if you’ve ever experienced “keto flu” symptoms—or heard about them from others who have gone before—you might be wondering about what to expect when transitioning to a ketogenic diet. Today, we’re covering keto flu symptoms and remedies, with ...

Elderberry Benefits & Uses: Colds, Flu, Cough & More

There are endless cough and cold remedies on the market, but still no cure. So it makes sense to look to our ancestors for a little medicinal guidance. After all, ancient wellness boosters like turmeric and bone broth have proven invaluable when it comes to immunity support. Thankfully, there is an old-school remedy that just ...

Elderberry Recipes: Syrup, Gummies, Tea & More

If you’ve been looking into over-the-counter medicine alternatives this flu season, elderberries may have popped up on your radar. For thousands of years, elderberry has been used to help heal all sorts of ailments, and today’s modern mamas rely on it to help little ones recover from colds. Before you start adding it to your ...

All About Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil

Brands that embrace earth-friendly production processes to offer wellness products hold a special place in our hearts. Charlotte’s Web is one such company, and it was also launched based on a very personal and meaningful need—a quest to identify a cure for an ailing toddler. From there, it grew into a resource for people everywhere ...

The Amazing Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

What if there was an organic elixir that could promote healthy digestion, clean your house and cleanse your hair and skin? Well, there is such a thing. It’s called apple cider vinegar.

Joint Health Supplements

Stiff or painful joints often get ignored when talking about our health woes—we get accustomed to constantly living with an achy back or sore knees.

What You Need to Know About the Only All-Natural Birth Control Method

There were a few periods of time in my life when I would cry every week. Frustrated, I’d shed even more tears over being so weepy. I felt powerless; but one day I realized I could actually control this.

Scarred for Life? Not With These Home Remedies for Scars

Home remedies for scars heal more than just the tissue. In fact, a friend recently shared a haunting story about a scar—two old nicks on her legs. She was 13 years old at sleepaway camp, and her little legs would get scraped up from the sharp edges of a friend’s trunk that was always left ...

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