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Bachan’s is the Japanese Barbecue Sauce You’ll Want to Drizzle on Everything 

In Japanese, the word bachan translates to granny. It’s a loving, familiar nickname for a grandmother, and that’s exactly why Justin Gill chose it for the name of his Japanese sauce brand, Bachan’s.  Gill’s bachan, Judy Yokoyama, fostered a strong work ethic in her grandchildren and always encouraged their entrepreneurial spirits, so it was no ...

Potstickers with Avocado, Edamame and Sesame-Lime Sauce Recipe

This recipe is part of the Healthy Reset Meal Plan, our 5-day program of make-ahead breakfasts, throw-‘em-together lunches, and quick dinners designed to help you cook and eat healthy while minimizing waste.

Kelis’ Recipe for Spicy South American Aji Sauce

On a sprawling farm just outside Los Angeles, pop star and chef Kelis traded in city life for a change of pace (and a pretty spectacular change of scenery). She’s the perfect example of our summer mantra, Thriving Outside: growing her own food for herself and her family, raising chickens and goats, and experimenting with ...

What Is Tahini?

If there were an award for most versatile pantry ingredient, tahini would be a front runner. This creamy condiment can do a lot more than flavor hummus, and we’ve got sweet and savory recipes that’ll fuel you from breakfast to dessert. Get ready to take your tahini love to the next level!

Keto and Whole30 Rosemary Hollandaise Sauce Recipe

Broken hollandaise? Not with this trick!

Paleo Bone Broth BBQ Sauce Recipe

[schema description]There’s nothing like a smoky, tangy, and sweet BBQ sauce to slather over your favorite cuts of meat or stir into a pot of tender baked beans. For this Paleo-friendly version, we start with our Grass-Fed Bone Broth, which is boosted with nutrients like collagen, calcium, and essential amino acids. When combined with fatty ...

Tuna Cakes With Spicy Remoulade Sauce Recipe

[schema description]If you love crab cakes but don’t always have crabmeat on hand, this recipe creates similar texture and flavor—but with an ingredient you probably have in your pantry: canned tuna! You’ll be surprised by how well Safe Catch Wild Albacore Tuna stands in for crabmeat, and you don’t have to worry about mercury, either. ...

Honey Mustard Whole Roasted Cauliflower With Green Herb Sauce Recipe

[schema description]When your Thanksgiving meal needs to appease a variety of appetites, this dish does double duty as a side or vegetarian main course. It’s an impressive addition to any table, but comes together quickly (your secret’s safe with us!). Honey and mustard concentrates the flavor of the cauliflower as it roasts, encasing it in ...

Kale-Hemp Pesto Recipe

[schema description]More rich and hearty than basil pesto, this kale-hemp version possesses a mild flavor that works beautifully on everything from pasta to roasted veggies. And, between omega-3s in the hemp seeds and antioxidants in the kale, it’s extra good for you. To make it vegan, swap out the parmesan for nutritional yeast. [/schema]

What’s the Difference Between Coconut Aminos vs Soy Sauce?

While soy sauce has been on a roll for years, the popular sushi condiment is getting some stiff competition with the growing popularity of coconut aminos, which is being added into modern diets more than ever. With less harmful ingredients and a dose of potent nutritional benefits, it’s nothing to shake your chopsticks at, either. ...

4 Convincing Reasons to Make the Switch From Soy Sauce to Coconut Aminos

Salty, earthy, and a little bit sweet, soy sauce possesses a hard-to-describe flavor that perfectly complements everything from sticky white rice to barbecued chicken. That flavor has a name—umami, the so-called “fifth taste” that’s distinct from sweet, salty, sour, and bitter.

Crispy Tofu With Sesame-Ginger Dipping Sauce Recipe

[schema description]Tofu isn’t just for vegetarian stir-fry—when baked with a little sesame oil, it transforms into a surprisingly addictive, crunchy appetizer. Serve ’em with a sweet and savory sesame-ginger dipping sauce for an Asian-inspired hors d’oeuvre your guests won’t soon forget. [/schema]

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