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What’s the Difference Between Millet vs Amaranth?

Millet vs Amaranth Infographic click here With gluten-free eating on the rise, the desire to find alternative grain solutions continues to grow. And we’re here to tell you it’s ok to branch out from brown rice or stray from quinoa. In fact, there are many grains and seeds rooted in ancient cultures that are finding ...

Eating Purely With Purely Elizabeth

If you’re looking to shake up your breakfast routine or need some extra inspiration for afternoon nibbles, Purely Elizabeth will instantly elevate your pantry. This brand makes granola and snacks that bake superfoods like chia seeds and quinoa into every bite. For even more pure eating tips, don’t miss the new cookbook Eating Purely: More ...

Steel-Cut Oats vs. Oatmeal

Steel-cut oats, rolled oats, oatmeal … breakfast shouldn’t be confusing (especially if you haven’t had your morning coffee yet). That’s why we’re breaking down the difference between steel-cut oats versus oatmeal. Most oatmeal recipes call for rolled oats or quick-cooking oats, but steel-cut oats are a great option for a heartier take on this popular ...

Quinoa vs. Rice: A Comprehensive Comparison

Quinoa vs rice – both major players in the whole grain game. With so many varieties to choose from (hello wild rice and red quinoa), it’s not always easy narrowing down which option to cook let alone decide if quinoa is better than rice. But this guide takes you through everything you need to know ...

WATCH: These 5 Gluten-Free Goodies Make Cutting Carbs So Good

Partaking in an occasional slice of pizza or a bowl of pasta is supposed to be pleasurable. But if these eats frequently stir up uncomfortable symptoms like bloat, gas, fatigue, and even anxiousness and migraines, then gluten could be more trouble than it’s worth.

The Brain-Boosting Side Effects of Grass-Fed Dairy

Brain food: Yep, it exists, and for growing kids whose minds are developing at a rapid rate, it’s a necessity. Omega-3 fatty acids, whole grains, and B vitamins are high on the list of foods that help build memory and cognitive performance.

10 Naturally Gluten-Free Grains Safe For Your Carb Cravings

There’s never been a better time to go gluten-free. With thousands of new options on the market—gluten-free pasta, cookies, even beer—it’s likely you won’t miss wheat all that much. But there’s a hidden downside to giving up gluten: When you nix whole grains, you nix a lot of fiber too.

How to Get Enough Iron and B12 on a Vegan Diet

It’s hard out there for a vegetarian or vegan. Being the odd man out at barbecues: “Oh…we didn’t make anything veggie…there’s coleslaw?” Getting criticized at the dinner table: “That’s weird. But bacon is soooo good.”

For Kids with Type 1 Diabetes, Eating Right Can Break the Bank

Every day millions of kids in the United States wake up, prick their fingers, test their blood sugar levels, inject themselves with insulin and then eat a bowl of sugar. Er, cereal.

Fermentation Frenzy: 4 DIY Kits to Make Everything from Yogurt to Sourdough

Most people are surprised to discover just how much the digestive tract impacts overall health. But in fact, it’s usually the first place I start when clients come to me with just about any complaint.

Thrive Guide: What’s The Problem With Gluten?

For most of us, the smell of freshly baked pie crust or the flavor of a chewy, al dente pasta is nothing short of drool worthy. But to a small percentage of the population, these foods are synonymous with sickness and discomfort.

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