This Is What a Food Budget Looks Like for Thrive Gives Families [INFOGRAPHIC]

February 29, 2016
by Michelle Pellizzon for Thrive Market
This Is What a Food Budget Looks Like for Thrive Gives Families [INFOGRAPHIC]

Healthy living isn’t just our business—it’s our passion. Thrive Market was founded to give millions of people access to healthy, wholesome products at affordable prices. But we know that not everyone can afford a yearly membership. That’s why for every paid membership, we donate a Thrive Gives membership to a family or individual who needs it, from low-income families to first responders to teachers to students.

We carefully select new members based off a thorough application process (you can apply here!), which includes a survey about food expenses, shopping habits, and the availability of healthy food near home. Here’s what Thrive Gives families told us about their lives before Thrive.

Thrive Gives Infographic

Want to help us make healthy living even more accessible? Donate a portion of your savings to our Spread the Health campaign when you checkout at Your entire donation will be given directly to a family who qualifies for financial assistance, to which they can use to buy healthy food and home products at Thrive Market.

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