Why Kristin Cavallari’s Healthy Approach to Food Includes Bacon, Butter, and Avoiding GMOs

June 15, 2016
by Annalise Mantz for Thrive Market
Why Kristin Cavallari’s Healthy Approach to Food Includes Bacon, Butter, and Avoiding GMOs

It’s fair to say Kristin Cavallari has lived a pretty glamorous life. Since making her debut on the reality TV show “Laguna Beach” 12 years ago, she married NFL quarterback Jay Cutler, had three beautiful kids, designed her own line of shoes and accessories, and authored a book, “Balancing in Heels.”

So it might come as a surprise that her typical morning is actually pretty low-key. After taking her oldest son to school, she squeezes in a workout and maybe whips up some avocado toast. (Stars—they’re just like us!)

We caught up with Cavallari to chat about the new book, find out how she stays in shape, and learn some of her tips for eating well—including her go-to swap to get a little more fiber and protein into homemade cookies.

On getting zen in the kitchen: “I find cooking to be therapeutic. I get in the kitchen and zone out. Even when the kids help me, it still relaxes me.”

80-20 food philosophy: “I eat healthy 80 percent of the time and the other 20 percent, I eat whatever I want and enjoy every second. Eating this way keeps me on track and allows me to really enjoy food and have a good relationship with it.”

What’s always in her fridge: “We eat butter, bacon, you name it, as long as it's real, with no additives. Grass-fed beef, wild-caught fish, pastured eggs, and even raw milk and yogurt are all staples in my house.”

What she avoids: “GMOs. I also try to be organic as often as possible (I pay attention to the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen to help with this) and stay away from anything white: sugar, salt, flour.”

Favorite breakfast: “Toast with mayo, avocado, prosciutto, tomato, eggs, and microgreens with hot sauce.”

Snack of choice: “Homemade beef jerky with spicy Asian marinade.”

Go-to healthy baking swap: “We’re conscious of carbs, so we go with healthier alternatives when baking like using oat, almond, or coconut flours. I like making cookies with oat flour.”

Why fitness is non-negotiable: “I lift weights with a trainer three times a week and do hot yoga one day a week. When I work out, everything else falls into place and my energy is at its best, so feeling that way keeps me on track.”

On her husband’s type 1 diabetes: “We eat a lot of protein and veggies and stay away from white sugar. It has definitely made me more aware of what we're putting in our bodies.”

Biggest lesson learned from “Laguna Beach”: “I did [the show] at a time when I didn't really know who I was (like most 17-year-olds) and what it did more than anything was force me to look inside and figure it out. I knew I didn't want to be the girl portrayed on the show, so I had to do a lot of soul-searching.”

Her happiest time of day: “Getting the kids up and making them breakfast in the morning when they are really cuddly.”

Why starting small is the key to a healthier life: “If you’re new to the health stuff, don’t get frustrated. It takes time for it to become easy. I went back and forth for years until it finally stuck.
Start small, by maybe avoiding one additive like high-fructose corn syrup until that becomes second nature—then [cut out] another (like added colors) until that comes naturally. Don't give up!”

Get your copy of “Balancing in Heels” here, and follow Kristin Cavallari on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Photo credit: Jonathan Clay Harris

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4 thoughts on “Why Kristin Cavallari’s Healthy Approach to Food Includes Bacon, Butter, and Avoiding GMOs”

  • Legend79

    Best advice that's doesn't get enough attention. When starting something new start small...take baby steps to quote a great movie. Too many people leap off a cliff when making dietary or exercise changes. (Especially if it's a radical change.) Unfit, poor eaters always want to be at the year or more IN mark within the first week. And then they fail, and do the same thing over and over again.

  • James Cooper

    So what qualifications does this actress have to make such recommendations? Does she know that "GMOs" are not an ingredient but a breeding process? Does she know that "organic" is a marketing label and that the food is nutritionally identical but more expensive, and that organic food is treated with pesticides too? Does she know that High Fructose Corn Syrup is exactly the same as sugar (brown or white)?

  • Keith Duhaime

    Annalise really needs to learn the difference between an actress and a dietitian. Seriously, what's next? - Jenny McCarthy on preventing childhood illnesses?

  • Jon Smith

    Why avoid GMOs? What is the plausible mechanism for harm from currently approved GMOs?
    Can anyone here provide even on source of evidence showing any harm from currently approved GMOs specifically?

    Why the hell should anyone listen to this misinformed celebrity. This is a ridiculous article.

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