Workouts Make You Break Out? You Need These DIY Face Wipes in Your Life

January 5, 2017
by Melinda Gross for Thrive Market

If you made a resolution to be more active in 2017, you’ll certainly feel the difference in your muscles (check out these tips to combat soreness).

Stretching and rehydrating are two things you should always do after a workout; washing your face is the other. Because the pores open to release sweat, they’re more susceptible to getting clogged—a proper post-workout skin care routine helps prevent that. (Note, this is also why you should always remove your makeup before you hit the gym!)

These easy-to-make DIY face wipes are a super quick cleansing solution. The main ingredient is witch hazel, a natural astringent that helps removes dirt and oil from the skin. Both witch hazel and aloe vera are botanical anti-inflammatories with skin-soothing properties. Antimicrobial tea tree essential oil provides additional cleaning power while dried rose petals lend a subtle, floral scent.

Keep a few in a small container or resealable bag to swipe over your face, neck, chest, or wherever you could use a quick refresh. Now you’ve got that just-been-to-the-gym healthy glow!

Post-Workout Face Wipes

What You Need

½ cup organic dried rose petals
1 cup witch hazel
⅓ cup aloe vera gel
5 drops tea tree essential oil
30 round cotton pads
Sealable glass jar


Combine rose petals and witch hazel in a small jar. Cover and let infuse overnight. Using a fine mesh strainer, strain the liquid into a small bowl and discard the rose petals. Whisk in aloe and tea tree oil. Stack a few cotton pads in a sealable glass jar and pour the liquid over them, repeating this process until working through all the pads. Cover with the lid and shake to disperse the liquid.

Store pads in the jar at room temperature. To use on the go, stash a few in a small resealable bag to keep in your locker, purse, or gym bag!

Photo credit: Paul Delmont

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