Thousands of years ago, Roman warriors relied on a “Miracle Bean” to fuel them on long campaigns. This Mediterranean superfood has been overlooked in America… until now. What is Brami? Known as lupini in Italy, BRAMI is the Mediterranean's answer to edamame. It's a fresh legume snack packed with plant protein, but unlike edamame it's soy-free, comes in flavors, and you can eat it right out of the bag. We make BRAMI by lightly pickling them in small batches with simple, natural ingredients. It’s the fresh alternative to dry processed snacks. Lupini are naturally low in trypsin inhibitors, phytates and other constituents that normally make legumes hard to digest and paleo-unfriendly. Plus BRAMI Beans are also sprouted for several days, which flushes these constituents out naturally. Now you have a paleo-friendly snack that’s high in plant protein without the downsides! Not only is BRAMI an excellent alternative to resource-intensive animal protein, it’s also a farmer friendly rotation crop. It replenishes nitrogen and phosphate to the land, requires low water usage, and naturally repels pests. Together we can make the world a better place… one bean at a time.

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