Organic Raw Pizza Flax Snax

3 oz bag

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3 oz bag

Why You’ll Love It

With only 180 calories per serving, Go Raw Organic Raw Pizza Flax Snax is a healthier way to satisfy a craving for pizza. These thin gluten-free crackers are made from sprouted flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds, then seasoned with zesty tomato paste, celtic sea salt, and garlic powder. They're also certified organic, vegan, and Paleo. See More
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About This Brand

Delicious organic raw-vegan products for consumers seeking a purer, healthier lifestyle. From a 900 sq. ft. converted retail space in San Diego in 2002, to a 65,000 sq. ft. solar powered production plant now under construction in San Jose, the vision has always been to produce delicious organic raw-vegan products for consumers looking for a purer, healthier lifestyle. Go Raw products are all seed based.We source from local growers whenever possible.Seeds are one of the most nutritionally dense foods in the world.The seeds are optically sorted for maximum quality.Seeds are rinsed three times in filtered water and soaked until sprouted.Highest quality organic ingredients are mixed into the seeds.They are carefully hand spread on trays and put on custom-built dehydrators at an average temperature of 98 degrees.The finished products are packaged in-house on dedicated equipment.
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Sprouted Organic Flax Seeds, Sprouted Organic Sunflower Seeds, Sprouted Organic Sesame Seeds, Organic Tomato, Organic Tomato Powder, Celtic Sea Salt, Organic .

California residents: Learn more on Prop 65 warning. Disclaimer: Information, statements, and reviews regarding products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results vary person to person, and there is no guarantee of specific results. Thrive Market assumes no liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products.
Serving Size About 22 Pieces (28 g) Servings Per Container 3

Amount Per Serving

Calories 180 Calories from Fat 120

% Daily Value*
Total Fat 13g 20%
Saturated Fat 1g 5%
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 290mg 12%
Total Carbohydrate 10g 3%
Dietary Fiber 5g 20%
Sugars 1g
Protein 5g

Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 4%
Calcium 8%
Iron 8%

Made in a facility that processes coconut.

Why You’ll Love Organic Raw Pizza Flax Snax

Now eating pizza can be guilt free, and taste just as delicious. With no cholesterol and only 180 calories per serving, Go Raw Pizza Flax Snax is a healthy alternative that makes it ok to give into those sudden yet intense cravings for snack food.

What is Go Raw Pizza Flax Snax?

Go Raw Pizza Flax Snax are a thin dairy-free cracker (similar to wafers) that are made primarily of sprouted flaxseeds, sprouted sunflower seeds, and sprouted sesame seeds. The various seeds are then topped with a zesty tomato paste, celtic sea salt, and garlic powder, which helps give it a delicious yet healthy kick.

Comfort foods aren’t necessarily the best things to eat since they’re usually filled with chemical preservatives, large amounts of sugar, and unhealthy trans fats. Go Raw wanted to address this and knew that eating healthy was difficult, especially while unhealthy comfort foods are readily available. With that said, they set out on a mission to create healthy food snacks that can be easily obtained, all while tasting great.

Go Raw Pizza Flax Snax are dairy-free, organic, gluten-free, as well as paleo, kosher, and vegan. These wholesome Pizza Snax Flax contain no artificial ingredients such as trans fats, added sugar, added sweeteners, peanuts, parabens, soy, yeast, antibiotics, or synthetic hormones. They are also certified organic by the USDA and verified by the Non-GMO Project, making them a healthy and trusted snack for kids and adults.

Go Raw pride themselves on making snacks that are junk free so favorite guilty pleasures can be enjoyed without the guilt. To do this, they use only organic ingredients at the peak of freshness to create simple plant based treats that work with almost any type of lifestyle or diet. Additionally, Go Raw never uses canned or frozen ingredients for their products, only wholesome goodness with real ingredients.

Go Raw also strongly supports sustainable farming practices and has partnered with athletes such as Olympic Swimmer Dana Vollmer, who recently won the bronze medal for 100m Butterfly at the 2016 games in Rio. Their partnership was based on a mission to spread the message of healthy and attainable foods to the public.

Furthermore, Go Raw is a family owned business that proudly makes their products in California by hand. A small portion of their profits goes to support charities and other social causes.

Why raw matters

Some manufacturers roast their flaxseeds, arguing that roasting opens up the seed’s essential oils. Like roasting coffee, this makes the seeds easier to grind down to a smooth consistency while also allowing for deeper flavors to emerge. The unwanted consequence of this, however, is that high temperatures involved in roasting kills off the natural vitamins and nutrients that flaxseeds contain.

Go Raw strongly believes that those natural vitamins and nutrients are essential and strive to preserve them, therefore, they make their snacks with raw materials to achieve maximum health benefits. Studies have also shown that a healthy raw diet is rich in enzymes, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fiber, and other vital nutrients that are great for the body.

What are sprouted seeds

Sprouting is when seeds are germinated so they can be eaten raw. (Gemination is the transformation from seed to a plant). This means the sprouted seeds that are consumed while eating Go Raw organic raw pizza flax snax, are in fact partially a plant. Although this may sound strange, it’s actually great! Sprouted seeds have more proteins, minerals, and enzymes and those nutrients are more easily absorbed by the body.

Go Raw’s seeds are sprouted in their manufacturing facility in California, and are gently dehydrated so that the seed and the nutrients are still alive when eating their organic raw pizza flax snax. Go Raw goes above and beyond by closely monitoring every batch by hand every day to ensure that only the best and healthiest snacks are delivered.

Health benefits of flaxseeds

Even though they’re small, they sure are mighty! Flaxseeds have an astounding amount of health benefits despite their itty bitty size. A single serving of 3 tablespoons contains large amounts of vitamin B, potassium, zinc, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, Omega-3 fatty acids, and many others. But that's not all flaxseeds are good for. Let’s talk about some of the other benefits...

A brief history of flaxseeds

According to a study by North Dakota State University, flaxseeds go way back to ancient times. In fact, remnants of flax crops were found in dwellings in Switzerland that date back to the Stone Age. It is also well known that ancient Egyptians used flax fibers to make fine linens.

As settlers moved west during the 1800s, flax production moved across the United States and Canada. Since the 1900s, the use of flax as a food source has increased dramatically. To this day, flax cultivation has remained both a culinary and domestic pursuit.

Reviews For Organic Raw Pizza Flax Snax

Based on 78 Reviews


These are utterly flavorful. GO Raw has nailed it! Eating these nourishing, raw snacks takes me back to naughtier times, when I ate meat and cheese laden pizza. This proves that flavor comes from the seasonings, not the meat or crap additives. If you love the traditional flavors of old school Italian pizza, you'll love these! The ingredients are nothing to feel guilt about, as everything is raw, organic, and pure! xo

- Andrea

Pizza perfection

These were so so good. I haven't had pizza or anything similar in years due to dietary restrictions and the flavor of this was a gift. Lower rating is for a very bag, given the price.

- Amber

Actaully Very Additcting

I bought these They do taste like pizza too! I wasn't sure at first because they were little cracker pieces with seeds and seasoning, but they were actually very addicting and tasty. They have a great crunch to them too! Very yummy and recommend these!

- April

Actually addicting

Very yummy taste. Couldn't stop eating!

- April Miedema

Great Snack

Fantastically flavorful and wonderfully nutritious to boot
What more can one ask for?

- Theresa Jaworowski

too much fennel taste

strong fennel taste that overtakes the pizza like flavor that i was expecting.

- Nancy

just alright

These are OK, Strong fennel flavor to give you that Italian taste, I don't think I would buy this flavor again.

- Kelly


These are OK. The initial flavor is good when you bite into it, but there is an odd, almost licorice-like after taste that I don't care for.

- Stacy

Any bigger size??

Savory crunch taste, so yummy but, to me little tiny bit salty..I wish they have bigger size. Whole things arrived in an 72 hours, very nicely done with the whole package. super fast shipping! Impressive;) Thrive Market!

- Jessica

Unique little bits of crunchiness

These definitely have a pizza flavor and they're super crunchy

- Courtney

Love them!

Those are the perfect snack if I'm craving something crunchy. Very tasty! Wish they came in a bigger bag!

- Birgit

Crunchy =)

Not overly strong flavour which is okay with me. -1 star for fragility. Most of the little crackers were broken when I opened the bag but nothing a spoon couldn't handle

- Joanna

No guilt indulgence!!

Great taste, crunch and so very good for you!!!

- Dianne


Hands down, these are one of my absolute favorite snacks. Crunch and just enough savory spice. They satisfy every time!

- Lupasilverpaw

Good flavor

I would purchase again

- Karen


These satisfied my need for a crunchy, savory snack. They are great to keep in your bag when you need a bite to eat on the go. They have a great pizza flavor. The nutty pieces do get stuck in your teeth but overall a delicious, healthy snack. I enjoyed.

- Suki


good flavor at first. aftertaste not so much

- Jake

Pizza Flax Snax

Good flavor. A nice snack to take the edge off of hunger.

- Daphne


Delicious snack and very healthy too

- Cheryl

Good but strong

While I do think these taste enough like pizza, they are very strong. I can only eat a couple at a time before the taste is overwhelming. My husband on the other hand took one bite and spit it out.

- Rebecca


These have really good flavor, i was kind of expecting them to be in bigger chunks, but other than that they are okay!

- Elise


This snack really helps curb my occasional craving for pizza. It is delicious!!

- Daina

Disgusting good

Will be buying again.

- Kayla

Sooo good

These Flax Crackers are absolutely delish!!! Unfortunately I just got a food allergy test done and "Flax" was on the list of no-nos :( I definitely would still recommend trying these! They are soooo good.

- Tiffeny


These snack bites are healthy seeds and delicious.

- Jeffrey


I was so excited to see Flax Snax on the website, they make my favorite snacks! Pizza Flax Snax have a snappy rich flavor that hits the spot.

- April

pretty good

not the greatest thing we've eaten, but the flavor is good & it's a great healthy snack

- Sheree

patty rath

just the right amount of seasoning.taste like real pozza.

- patty rath

Very good

These are crispy with a great flavor

- Barb

Strange but okay

I didn't like the flavor at first. It is very tomato heavy which I'm not a fan of. But over time, I liked the taste. It grew on me a bit.

- Kelsey


They taste like pizza but have a taste i wasnt expecting. i had a handful and now they are just sitting there as i dont really want them.

- Raychel

Great snack!

Who knew a bunch of raw seeds could taste so much like pizza. I took these on a camping trip and they were so delicious.

- Bird


Wouldn't buy them again

- Laura

Funky aftertaste

When I tried just one bite of these I thought they were delicious, but when I ate a handful or so they didn't taste very good at all. I wondered if it was just me, so I asked some of my friends to try them and they thought the same thing. I'm rating this product three stars though because I enjoyed the fact that I was eating a bunch of seeds and that they were raw. I just wish there was a different flavor.

- Grace

Spicy and Savory

Delightful pizza flavor with a bit of a nutty, but not unwelcome, aftertaste. I only wish the bag came in a larger size!

- Lindsey

Tastes like pizza

Yum. I need to figure out how to make these. Taste super good and I love the crunch.

- Andrea

That faux pizza flavor we all love..

These crackers have an addictive, nostalgia-inducing flavor (pizza goldfish crackers, maybe?) with none of the guilt.

- Keara

Raw pizza snack

A great snack to get a little crunch on!

- Thrive User


I love these snacks. I usually order 2 or 3 bags at a time. Perfect snack that prevents unhealthy choices when the munchies hit!

- Alyssa

Really strange texture, but decent overall flavor

I usually like foods that contain seeds, so I decided to try this on a whim. It's just not for me, I guess. It was not crunchy, more chewy. The flavor is pretty good, os IF you like sprouted flax seeds, give it a shot. I suppose I do not like sprouted flax seeds. Live and learn.

- Tara

Not My thing

My son and I both tried these but didn't like them. We have gotten some great products from here, this just wasn't one of them

- Ronald

needs dip

I wouldn't eat these alone. Maybe paired with hummus or something similar. I would probably purchase again.

- Rita


Better than pizza. So crunchy and flavorfull

- Maria

Go Raw Zesty Pizza Mix

Best snack ever. I now need to add this to every order as it disappears around our house.

- Bob


I love these!! Super tasty and the crunch and texture is fantastic!

- Maria

My new favorite thing

I cant put them down!

- Emily

Go Raw crackers


- Mikelle

Hands down- amazing!

I will buy these over and over again. Amazing taste! Perfect snack that the whole family loves!

- Amanda

So delicious!

I love these little crackers. I was looking for a cracker that was raw and vegan, that I could dip my homemade hummus in. I was surprised at the delicious results, and was very pleased! I just wish there was a larger bag available for purchase.

- Meghan


These snacks could very easily be addictive! Healthy and tasty. One of the spices in them is fennel seed so if you don't like fennel, you might not be a fan. But if you do, definitely give them a shot....maybe go ahead and buy 2 bags!

- Amy

Organic Raw Pizza Flax Snax

They taste like pizza and were really good. I'm allergic to wheat, eggs, and dairy so it was nice to have these to eat when my family had pizza.

- Carolyn

Love these combined with Quite Cheezy Kale Chips

Love to get my pizza snacking in with these and a bag of Alive & Radiant brand Kale Krunch Quite Cheezy kale chips. Together you get the cheezy pizza flavor that almost all amaericans enjoy without the harmful effects so snack happy and healtly!!! Love that they are raw, dairy and gluten free! Great for this autoimmune mom!

- Julie


These are very good. I have been craving some crunchy cracker type foods since switching to the rawtil4 lifestyle and had nothing to truly satisfy until now. These taste great and do actually taste like pizza. They are perfectly seasoned and taste great. Try the spirulina ones too, they are amazing!

- Brittany

Good snack.

These actually do taste a lot like pizza. I loved the taste. The texture was a little strange to get used to, but overall good.

- Katherine

Paleo Pizza!

When I went paleo, the biggest thing I missed was Pizza. There are recipes out there for substitutes, but who has time for that? I though I would just have to go without.

These are amazing and taste just like pepperoni pizza! They're super crunchy, and Flax seed is chock full of nutrients. These are great, even if you're not watching your carb intake; I have to hide these from my kids!

- Amos Wilkins

Really good!

I don't typically eat raw foods, but my wife brought these home and I decided to give them a try. They were awesome. I now keep them in my car, at the office, and bring them for any trip I go on. The seasoning is great and they are also very filling. Highly recommend.

- Rafael

One of the Tastiest Vegan Snacks I've Had

I opened my first bag of these five minutes ago and already think they're so great that I got out my computer just to write this review. These are rullll tasty, folks.

- Benjamin


These are super good! I am a total slacker, and these are yummy. I don't feel guilty at all sitting down with a bag of these! So good!

- Jessica


These taste just like pizza. They are really good even my omnivore mother agreed. They have a really vibrant, zesty flavor and a good substantial texture.

- Sarah

Great Snack!

My husband and I love these. They have a natural pizza taste and are great for lunches, or just munching!

- Sarah

love these...

very satisfying healthy snack. great flavor!!

- krista


Wow! They are de-lish. I plan on ordering more. So far, my fave raw cracker/snack that I've found. Enjoyed it with guacamole. So good. :-)

- Julie

Good for Snacking

I keep this in my purse for a quick snack here and there; just a handful is pretty filling as it's mostly seeds. Tastes like pizza flavor, like it says.

- Jeanne


These are quite yummy, and you can just tell that alot of care has gone into the making of this product. It's really meant as a small snack, so of course you shouldn't eat the whole bag at once; 5 crackers (they're small) satiated my salty snack craving. I just keep them in my purse for a quick snack.

- Jeanne


I am not a big fan of peperoni. These taste just like peperoni. I also found they stick to your teeth, and I ended up spending 10 minutes cleaning my mouth of seeds and debris.

Skip them.

- Mark

Tastes like pizza?! I Don't think so!

I purchased these based on the great reviews I read here on Thrive. These snacks are one of the most horrible things I've ever tasted.

They are obviously over-seasoned to make up for the cardboard like cracker base. Paleo snacks do not have to taste like crap. If I ever had a pizza like this I'd spit it out immediately, as I did with these. Two bites and they went right in the trash. Good thing I only lost $4.

- Darin

WOW! We love 'em!

I can't believe how delicious these are. I'm in love with the flavor, and I'm even more happy that the quality of ingredients (including sprouted seeds!) is so high. I'm buying more right now.

- Alison

Delicious pizza taste

With these yummy little snacks you can get the great taste of pizza without all that fat and cholesterol. These things are delicious. I have friends that eat them because they are a great vegan snack and I like them because they are gluten free.

The spicy pizza flavor of these flax chips is the perfect combination to remind you of eating a real pizza!

- P. Twyman

Best snacks

If you haven't tried these you are definitely missing out!

These are one of the best snacks I have had in a long time and they are perfect for everyone.

They taste a lot like pepperoni, without the need for all the disgusting chemical ingredients.

I love these and so does everyone I've ever shared them with.

- Sherita

Irresistible taste and so healthy!

Flax seed is eaten at nearly every meal of mine these days. Multiple medications are the reason I use such high fiber natural supplements. These delicious organic raw Pizza Flax Snaxs are one of the best ways I get my daily flax fix. They're so tasty, I order about 8 bags each month. The bonus for these flavorful snacks is all the other ingredients, and the ones they leave out.

I love Thrive Market, too! I can't believe I lived so long without this great service and all the wonderful products they offer. I strongly suggest buying some now!

- Mona Frazier

Reliving My Love of Pizza

Due to all the suspicious ingredients and practices of pizza manufacturers, I've stopped eating most traditional pizza. While I miss the taste of pizza, I feel much healthier for it. I was browsing Thrive when I found these Flax Snax, and I had to try them to see if I could relive what made me fall in love with pizza to begin with.

I did; I completely fell in love with these snacks. They have flavoring on them, but they don't leave any coloring on your fingers (which has made them great for eating at work). They have an easy, round shape that's really simple to snack on, and with their organic and natural ingredients, I don't feel bad about eating an entire bag for dinner - and it STILL has less calories and fat than a standard "personal pizza" would! I love this stuff!

- P. Elmsworth

Delicious and Healthy

I absolutely love that this Flax snack is organic, gluten free and certified Vegan. As a new vegan, I have found it hard to find a snack that really satisfies and tastes great as well. These snacks have the perfect pizza flavor-they are amazing. I could just sit there an eat the whole bag...if they weren't so filling that is!

These not only offer me that pizza flavor I have missed, but also have that chip crunch I love. They are small and round and look a little like the pepperoni their flavor also resembles. I really enjoy the salty flavor-but beware those salt sensitive, it is a very strong flavor.

The sprouted seeds in this snack make it a great snack food alternative because they are healthy and also are more dense than other snacks making them filling. This not only helps the health factor, but because they are filing, I am snacking less and have lost a few pounds. (woo hoo!)

- Sarah J

Pretty good

I like these. They don't taste like the pizza I usually eat, but they do taste like they are "flavored" like pizza. I like that it is a healthy snack with a moderately spicy flavor.

Flax is so good for you, and I am thrilled that Thrive Market carries so many foods with healthful ingredients.

- Jeanie Woomer

Delish, but a bit too salty

I'm a health nut, so I'm always looking for new, healthy snacks. I also love pizza, but I indulge in it maybe once or twice a year, so this is really a nice substitute for that taste that I miss. I love the combination of sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and flax.

It's as close as you can get to pepperoni pizza that's healthy and raw, without the guilt that comes from eating that greasy pie. This is a bit on the salty side, though, you have to be careful. The package says 290mg of sodium per package, but it tastes like more. That's why it gets 4 stars instead of 5.

- Ted Henson

Big Pizza Taste, No Guilt

Go Raw has a bunch of snacks I buy, so when they came out with these, I had to see if they were up to snuff. And lo and behold, my favorite raw food company's found a way to duplicate the taste of pepperoni pizza.

You can taste the tomato in every bite, and somehow the combination of sea salt and spices mimics the flavor of cheese. They're one of my go-to snacks, especially when I'm running around town picking up the kids or doing errands. Great price on these too.

- Talia H.

Vegan friendly and deliciosu

I went vegan about a year ago, and never looked back. But I missed some of my old favorites, like pepperoni pizza and lots of gooey cheese. That's why I was stoked to see Go Raw come out with this pizza-flavored snack that's 100 percent raw and healthy.

They're kind of round like chips, but they're heavier and they're not loaded with hydrogenated oils, sugar and a bunch of preservatives. They're pretty close to tasting like mini pieces of pizza without all the fat and bad stuff that makes pizza a deadly food.

- Tony Hoffman

t keeps me full for long hours

The taste is great, the best I have tried so far. It mixes well so I don't have any problem of any chalky taste after. It keeps me full for long hours so I am able to control what and when I eat.

- Jimmie Perkins

Great pizza taste without the fat

I am a huge fan of pizza. It's like a four-course meal in one. But, often, because of that it is packed with calories. And don't even get me started on the cheese.

When I am craving pizza I grab up a bag of these flax crackers now. They curb the craving, give me a healthy snack, and they have excellent flavor.

They are lightly spiced, so it isn't overkill. Plus, they are great for everyone, and they are even gluten-free! Kids will love them.

- S. Pinney

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