Cauliflower Stalks, CheddarCauliflower Stalks, Cheddar810571030609From the Ground Up crackers are made with Cassava and Cauliflower. They look and taste like the Snack crackers you love - but are made with ingredients that are healthful and good for you.4 oz bag
A staple snacking item - by Love!! So tasty!
Toddler approved! - by My 4y/o loves these! Fun shape too which appeals to her. My 10 month old also loves these and they’re thin enough that he can chomp them with his tiny teeth and gums.
Delicious! - by A fun, cleaner version of a snack. The cheddar flavor almost has a nacho cheese like quality to it. There is a *hint* of cauliflower taste, which I enjoy. It is a nicely textured snack.
50/50 - by These are good yet not. The after taste seems to be that part I'm not loving. I think it's just the cauliflower part that makes it not quite my favorite. But is a better alternative to regular unhealthy snacks
yum - by Ate way too many but so good
From The Ground UP
From The Ground UP

Cauliflower Stalks, Cheddar

4 oz bag$1.00/oz
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