All-Purpose Cleaner Refill Tablets, UnscentedAll-Purpose Cleaner Refill Tablets, Unscented860198000301Keep floors, walls, and countertops clean while saving single-use plastic with these unscented All-Purpose Home Cleaner refill tablets. Add one tablet to warm water and shake gently until it dissolves to make an organic, biodegradable cleaner that's free of dyes, preservatives, fragrances, and palm oil. Each box contains three refill tablets.3 count
hardens in bottle - by I wished this product worked for me! unfortunately if the spray bottle isnt kept in an extremely warm place (80+ degrees) it hardens in the bottle and has to he heated up before you can use it.
love - by i love this all purpose cleaning spray! it cuts through grease and grime just as well as other cleaners, minus the harsh chemicals. the scent is subtle and the little bars disolve quickly and easily in warm water. i’ve never experienced any discoloring or staining of any surfaces. highly recommend!
Great package free multi surface cleaner - by I use this cleaner in the whole house. It resolves easily into a spray bottle and works well.
Great Idea for Refill in Tablet Form - by I am switching to more environmentally friendly products these days. This concentrated tablet refill is mixed with warm water in the original bottle that came with the Meliora All Purpose Cleaning kit. It mixes easily and lasts me a long time, so this is my first refill. One less bottle for me to recycle and no shipping cost for a container that is mostly water!
Love these! - by These are the best - so easy to use in a re-useable spray bottle. Highly recommend.
Meliora Cleaning Products
Meliora Cleaning Products

All-Purpose Cleaner Refill Tablets, Unscented

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