Dish Soap Bar, LemonDish Soap Bar, Lemon860198000349From Meliora Cleaning Products, this lemon-scented dish soap bar easily replaces bulky plastic bottles. The formula is free from plastic, dyes, preservatives, and palm oil—so you can embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle, even while doing daily chores.7 oz bar
Great Dish Soap Bar - by This is the first dish soap bar i had tried but i am very satisfied.
Just as easy as liquid once I learned how - by This is the 1st brand of solid dish soap I’ve tried and I love it. Never going back to plastic for this job. I was bummed that some other reviewers were discouraged by the switch to solid so here are some helpful tips I discovered after trial and error: 1. Put it in a bowl. I had a ceramic ramekin that fit perfectly. A Pyrex 1 cup storage bowl would work great too. 2. Use a brush. I scrub the brush across the soap one-handed while holding the dish I’m washing in the other hand. (No extra steps or hand motions than liquid soap; easier, in fact since you never have to actually pick up the soap) I use either the long handled wooden veggie brush or the shorter stubby wood brush sold here on Thrive. 3. Water will collect in the soap bowl/ramekin. I like to pour this into pots or bowls that need soak time. Or you could just pour it down the drain. Either way, pour it out when done washing so your soap block isn’t sitting in h2o and disintegrating. 4. I use a dishwasher for many dishes but when I am doing a whole sink full by hand I just run the bar under hot water until it is soapy enough for me. I have not experienced the soapy residue others mentioned.
WHITE FILM - by I am so sad. Was so excited to not use plastic dish soap but here I am washing everything over and over because you cannot get this freaking white film off the dishes. Its awful. What a shame. As I came on here to warn others, I see I am not the only one with this issue. Wish I had read the reviews before buying. Buyer - you have been warned.
white film - by I was looking forward to using this soap and getting away from plastics but I'm really disappointed. I had to do all my dishes over with bottled dish soap! I don't have any hard/soft water issues and I washed and rinsed with very hot water too, but everything had a sticky white film on it when dry -even the dish pan! It looked fine when hot but the heat must of melted the fats in the soap evenly dispersing it over the entire surface, because when everything dried it was covered with white film.
It’s ok - by Meliora Cleaning Products, Dish Soap Bar, Lemon
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Dish Soap Bar, Lemon

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7 oz bar$1.43/oz
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