A Candid Conversation With Paleo Pioneer Mark Sisson

October 14th, 2015

If you know Paleo, you know Mark Sisson.

Or you’ve at least read his insanely popular blog, Mark’s Daily Apple. The tanned, athletic Californian—by way of Maine—eats, breathes, and sleeps all things wellness.

The best thing about Mark? He doesn’t think you need to sacrifice your happiness in order to reach peak health. In fact, his philosophy is all about minimum effort and maximum results, which is why he recommends short but intense workouts, eating a diet full of fresh and locally sourced foods, and not taking anything too seriously.

It makes sense that with this ideology he dreamt up every Primal eater’s dream condiment—the perfect Paleo-approved mayo, made with avocado oil and packed with healthy unsaturated fats.

We caught up with the Primal Blueprint author at his Malibu home to try our hand at the slack line (so fun!) and learn a little bit more about our favorite Primal eating guru.

Mark Sisson

The people who know me best would describe me as driven, loyal, and curious.

I love nothing more than stand-up paddle boarding on a quiet Malibu morning.

I’d rather get force-fed white sugar than pure gluten.

Trying to become an elite endurance athlete is the weirdest thing I’ve done in the pursuit of optimal health.

The only thing more important than a good diet is a great relationship.

When in Rome, go with the pasta (provided you’re not gluten intolerant).

I can’t live without macadamia nuts.

Being Paleo is great, but I still miss sticky, doughy cinnamon buns.

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is greet the sun outside (and bring her coffee).

Walking over running.

The best full body exercise you can do for yourself is sprint.

I thrive everyday by taking time to play.

I’ll be worried if I lose my six-pack.

Never underestimate the power of really good extra virgin olive oil.

The secret to a happy life is living true.

Photo credit: Tori Beckerman

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