Healthier Halloween Candy Swaps 

Last Update: February 25, 2024

Some parts of Halloween are the good kind of scary: haunted houses, creepy costumes, scary movies. The ingredients in many Halloween candies, on the other hand, are just plain spooky sometimes.

Things like high sugar content, additives, allergens, and poorly sourced ingredients are common in many store-bought candy brands — but not at Thrive Market. We make it easy to fill your little ones’ trick-or-treat bags with ethically sourced chocolate, allergen-free candies, and other healthier candy alternatives from brands and suppliers we trust. Read on for some of our favorite healthier Halloween candy swaps. 

Healthier M&Ms Alternatives 

Unreal Milk Chocolate Gems 

While many types of chocolate are untraceable, Unreal’s chocolate is made with responsibly sourced chocolate and other Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients. The vegetable-dyed, rainbow-hued candy coating makes these little gems look and taste just like everyone’s favorite colorful chocolate candy bites. 

Healthier Skittles Alternatives 

Yum Earth Organic Giggles Candy Bites

Free from the top 8 most common allergens and flavored with real fruit juices, these tiny, chewy treats are also Non-GMO Project Verified, USDA organic, vegan, and gluten-free.

Healthier Gummy Bears Alternatives 

Yum Earth Gummy Bears

One bag of these allergen-free gummy candies contains 10 Halloween-themed snack packs, making them perfect for handing out at a party or during trick-or-treating. 

Smart Sweets Fruity Gummy Bears 

Sweetened with real fruit juice and with just 4g of sugar per bag thanks to allulose, monk fruit, and stevia, these great-tasting, chewy gummy bears contain way less sugar than similar candies. 

Healthier Reese’s Cups Alternatives 

Justin’s Organic Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups 

Made with Rainforest Alliance Certified™ cocoa and organic peanuts, these peanut butter cups are ideal for the dark chocolate lovers. 

UNREAL Halloween Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups 

With Halloween-themed packaging (and without artificial flavors, dyes, and preservatives), these individually wrapped peanut butter cups are a healthier option for trick-or-treat. 

SkinnyDipped Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups 

Keto, non-GMO, and made without stevia or sugar alcohols, these low-sugar chocolate candies are loaded with peanut butter — but low on sugar. 

Lily’s Peanut Butter Cups Milk Chocolate Style

Lily’s no-sugar-added chocolate peanut butter cups are sweetened with stevia and made with ingredients certified by Fair Trade International, so they’re better for both you and the people who make them.

Healthier Caramel Alternatives 

Cocomels Coconut Sugar Caramels 

While traditional caramel candies are loaded with sugar and dairy, these creamy coconut milk caramels contain only 2g of sugar per serving and fit into a dairy-free lifestyle.

Healthier Kit Kat Alternatives 

Little Secrets Mini Crisp Wafers with Sea Salt

If you love chocolate candies with crispy, thin wafers, these individually wrapped candies are a lower sugar, ethically sourced alternative. Made with Fair Trade Certified milk chocolate and a touch of sea salt, they offer the same delicate crunch with traceable ingredients. 

Healthier Mounds Candy Bar Alternatives 

UNREAL Coconut Dark Chocolate Bar 

For the coconut lovers, these are made with just 3 ingredients: organic coconut, organic cassava syrup, and Fair Trade-certified dark chocolate.

Healthier Licorice Alternatives 

RJ’s Licorice Soft Eating Licorice in Raspberry 

Made with real, natural licorice root and other non-GMO ingredients, this soft, chewy licorice is a wholesome addition to any Halloween gathering. 

Joyride Red Licorice Twists 

Looking for a low-sugar licorice alternative? This one is sweetened with allulose and made with fruit and vegetable extracts instead of artificial flavors and colorings. 

Healthier Gummy Worm Alternatives

Lily’s Sweets Sour Gummy Worms

Tart, tangy, and made with less than 1g of sugar per serving, these naturally good gummy worms are great in trick-or-treat bags or in Halloween-themed desserts. 

Healthier Swedish Fish Alternatives

SmartSweets Sweet Fish 

No faux colors or flavors here! Instead, these chewy fish gummies are made with allergen-free ingredients and just 3g of sugar per serving. 

Joyride Gummy Guppies in Berry 

These gummy candies taste similar to your favorite European candy fish, but are made entirely without artificial sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives. 

Other Healthier Halloween Candy Alternatives 

Trying to cut back on candy? Want your little ones to avoid the sugar crash? Here are some sweet Halloween treats that aren’t the usual chocolate, caramels, or gummies — but still make fun and tasty additions to a Halloween bash. 

Joolie’s Jooliettes Chocolate Covered Date Nibbles 

With a thin layer of chocolate covering a delicious, chewy date, these make the perfect Halloween candy swap (they are nature’s candy, after all!). 

JoJo’s Dark Chocolate Bars, Raspberry Almond Pistachio

Replace the usual sugary candy bars with these bars made of only dark chocolate, dried fruit, and crunchy nuts.

FAVES Real Fruit Chews 

Made with imperfect fruits that would otherwise go to waste, these chewy, dried fruits will help make your Halloween a bit more sustainable. 

Thrive Market Organic Apple Sauce 

Toss these apple sauce pouches into your kids’ trick-or-treat bags for an on-the-go Halloween snack without the added sugar. 

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