Your New Favorite Use For Coconut Oil: DIY Scented Candles

November 23rd, 2015

If you’re the type who tends to reserve your candles for special occasions, then this DIY recipe is for you. Autumn’s shorter days and cooler temperatures are a great excuse to set a cozy scene in your home with delicate, naturally-scented tea lights. Making your own is a project anyone can master—and all it takes is a few relatively affordable items.

The two key ingredients: beeswax and coconut oil. This MVP oil cuts beeswax to make this project even more economical, and also adds a natural fragrance. The rest of the materials are just a trip to the craft store away, and you may even already have some of them at home.

Ingredients and Materials

8 ounces beeswax
1/3 to 1/2 cup of coconut oil
50 to 75 drops essential oil
Heat-resistant glass jar (12-ounce)
Pencil or chopstick

Melt wax in a double boiler over medium heat until fully melted. Monitor the temperature with the thermometer until it reaches about 145 to 150 degrees, then remove from heat (the temperature will continue to rise to about 170 degrees).

Melting Wax for Your Coconut Oil Candles

Blend in coconut oil until fully melted. Add essential oils to desired scent, starting with about 50 drops. Stir to incorporate. Cool wax to 160 degrees.

Blend in Coconut Oil and Essential Oils, Cool to 160 Degrees

Meanwhile, tie one end of the wick onto a pencil or chopstick, and cut it to a length long enough to hang straight and taut and ending just ¼ inch above the bottom of the jar when you lay the pencil down across the rim.

Coconut Oil Candles

Once wax has cooled to 160 degrees, slowly pour it into the jar, readjusting the wick to stay centered as needed. Fill jar to one inch below opening.

Make Sure Your Wick Stays Centered in Your Candle

Let the wax to dry for one to two days. Once completely dry, cut the wick to ½ inch, and voila! Told you it was easy!

A word on scents: Lavender and coconut are totally a dynamic duo, so lavender essential oil is a pretty foolproof way to go. Wanna take it a step further into real aromatherapy territory? Try incorporating these exquisite essential oil blends.


This citrus-floral blend will evoke a sense of peace.
15 drops orange
25 drops ylang ylang
10 drops patchouli

Fresh Air

A deodorizing scent that will freshen the bathroom or kitchen.
5 drops citronella
5 drops lemongrass
5 drops lavandin
15 drops rosemary
15 drops tea tree


Want to experience euphoria in a whiff? Try this tantalizing combo.
5 drops bergamot
5 drops lemon
5 drops tangerine
5 drops ylang ylang
5 drops geranium
5 drops jasmine
5 drops Roman chamomile
5 drops palmarosa
5 drops rose

Lavender Woods

This alluring scent can transport you to a seaside cabin surrounded by California redwoods.
25 drops lavender
25 drops pine

Photo credit: Paul Delmont

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