Ready, Set, Yoga: Rise and Shine! 10-Minute Morning Yoga You Can Do in Bed

June 2nd, 2016

When the pillows feel like fluffy clouds and you’re enveloped in the warm embrace of the comforter, why get up? Here’s how you can justify staying in bed a little longer: an energizing yoga sequence that makes the most of your snooze time.

It all kicks off with a supine Breath of Fire to create heat, get the blood flowing, and activate energy that wakes up the entire brain and body. Start in bed, but get on a yoga mat for the spine rolls. At the end, a quick meditation helps clear the mind of thoughts that may linger from the dream state.

First thing in the morning is also the perfect moment to set an intention for the day. Whatever’s ahead, picture it happening in perfect balance and grace. When you’re this open, your intentions can manifest more easily.

Press play to learn how staying in bed for a few more minutes can help you face the day with vitality.

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Jennifer PartridgeJennifer Brooke Partridge has been working in the holistic fields of body, mind, and spirit for more than 10 years. She has spent time traveling the world, studying ancient knowledge in remote locations, monasteries, and in tribal villages across India, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, and across South America. Jennifer did her Hatha Yoga Teacher training in Goa, India and is recognized by International Yoga Federation as a professional yoga instructor. In addition, she also completed her Kundalini yoga teacher training at Golden Bridge Yoga in Los Angeles.

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