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Sip This Nutrient-Dense Bone Broth Cold Elixir from Lily Feeds You

Warm, savory, and deliciously aromatic, bone broth is not only a comforting beverage on a chilly morning or evening, it’s also loaded with nutrients that keep you feeling your very best.  Slow-steaming animal bones creates a nutrient-dense broth that’s loaded with vitamins and trace minerals, omega fatty acids, and several important amino acids. Drinking bone ...

Two Tasty Recipes Using Thrive Market’s New Bone Broths

Bone broth is a super warming, highly sippable beverage that’s loaded with good-for-you collagen, protein, and calcium. In recent years, it’s become especially popular among the keto and paleo crowds as a quick, convenient, and healthy drink. At its most basic, though, bone broth is a multifaceted pantry staple that can infuse your favorite recipes ...

How to Roast Chicken in a Cast-Iron Skillet

If your idea of comfort food involves a whole-roasted chicken, you’ll love this recipe. The bird requires only three seasonings—avocado oil, salt, and pepper—and you’ll want to eat the garlicky gravy with a spoon (not that we’ve done such a thing, of course). Using a trusty cast-iron skillet will help the chicken cook evenly, then ...

Jalapeño Bone Broth Bloody Mary Recipe

[schema description]If you’d rather mingle with your guests than play bartender all night, here’s a trick: Prep your drinks in advance. This spicy Bloody Mary mix comes together in a blender so you can make it anytime—just set out glasses and ice, and enjoy the party.[/schema]

Paleo Bone Broth BBQ Sauce Recipe

[schema description]There’s nothing like a smoky, tangy, and sweet BBQ sauce to slather over your favorite cuts of meat or stir into a pot of tender baked beans. For this Paleo-friendly version, we start with our Grass-Fed Bone Broth, which is boosted with nutrients like collagen, calcium, and essential amino acids. When combined with fatty ...

Chicken Broth Risotto with Peas and Asparagus

[schema description]Risotto is the perfect canvas for celebrating spring vegetables. Although it requires a bit of attention (constantly stirring the rice helps release starch so each grain becomes plump and creamy), the end result is worth the effort! Asparagus, peas, and a generous sprinkling of Parmesan cheese swirl with flavorful chicken broth for a comforting ...

Grass-Fed Bone Broth Is Thrive Market’s New Recipe to Help Combat Food Waste

When vegetables go limp in the crisper drawer, they’re often tossed into the bottom of a plastic garbage bag. It might not seem like a big deal in your own kitchen, but statistics from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency tell a different story: Americans waste 133 billion pounds of food each year! That means 40 ...

Coming in Hot: 4 Creative Ways to Spice Up Chicken Bone Broth

Bone broth is everywhere these days, and for good reason—in it, you’ll find vitamins and minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Keep a few cartons stocked in your pantry year-round to quickly whip up soups and sauces, or sip it warm, straight from a mug! Beef broth is the most popular, but we like the ...

Slow Cooker Bone Broth Recipe

[schema description]Homemade bone broth is filled with minerals and healthy fats, and provides a nourishing base for soups, stews, or grains like quinoa and rice. You can also drink it on its own! For added depth of flavor, roast the bones beforehand.[/schema]

Kitchen Hack: How to Make Vegetable Broth From Cooking Scraps

The best recipes always seem a little bit magical.

Bone Broth Made Easy: Don’t Miss This Shortcut to The Superfood of the Moment

In the past year, bone broth has been touted as a miracle elixir. A wonder drink. The “new” green juice. Heck, Gwyneth Paltrow even gave it a Goop-y thumbs up.

Thrive 5: Big Wins From Small Businesses

Crowded malls, traffic jams, and seemingly endless checkout lines—there’s no shortage of reasons to skip Black Friday altogether. Allow us to suggest one more: Small Business Saturday.

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