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But Are You Thriving? Episode 6 Recap: Biohacking Family Wellness with Katie Wells

Biohacking involves “hacking” your body’s biology with nutritional changes, supplements, and other lifestyle adjustments in order to improve brain health, sleep, and other functions. It may seem like an individual practice, but for Katie Wells (also known as the “Wellness Mama”), biohacking is beneficial for both your own health and your family’s greater wellbeing.  Katie ...

What are Nootropics? All the Brain-Boosting Benefits

A supplement that increases your brain power, makes you think faster, and gives you a jolt of energy… sounds like something out of an action movie, right? While that type of miracle pill doesn’t exist in the real world, the closest things to it may be nootropics, a group of substances that many use to ...

Dr. David Perlmutter Helps Detox Your Mind in “Brain Wash”

Have you given much thought to brain health? Dr. Perlmutter is the author of Brain Wash: Detox Your Mind for Clearer Thinking, Deeper Relationships, and Lasting Happiness, which offers science-backed strategies to support your brain. “Your lifestyle choices are fundamentally important to determining the destiny of your brain,” he says. If you’re struggling to get ...

How to Boost Your Brain With Endocannabinoids

If you feel like you’re moving a mile a minute, you might not be too far off. Life these days is fast-paced, demanding, and busy. While we all have different ways of coping—eating well, exercising, practicing other self-care rituals, many of us miss the opportunity to tap into an essential partner on our journey toward ...

Meet Your Brain’s New Best Friend—3 Reasons to Try BrainGear

We do lots of things to care for our bodies, like getting enough sleep, slathering on sunscreen, and squeezing in an exercise class. But what about our brains? Our hectic lives keep this essential organ running on overdrive, but BrainGear has entered the brain health scene with something new—a potent mix of ingredients it claims ...

#AskThrive: What Is Fish Oil?

Make a splash with fish oil, known for its concentrated dose of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. New Chapter uses a gentle extraction process, similar to the finest olive oils, that helps preserve beneficial compounds including vitamin D3. And that gorgeous golden hue? It comes from astaxanthin—an antioxidant naturally found in wild salmon. Watch the ...

Here’s What Happens to Your Brain When You Fake a Smile

Resting bitch face (RBF). The idea is downright insulting. But even though getting unwelcome suggestions from strangers to “smile” can quickly turn a neutral mood into an angsty one, going with the flow and upturning our lips might actually be a good thing.

How Benadryl Might Be Killing Your Brain Cells, and More in our Weekly Feed!

Every Monday, we’re rounding up the biggest news bites in health and wellness. In this week’s episode: over-the-counter medicines like Benadryl, Dimetapp, and Dramamine could lead to dementia.

11 Awe-Inspiring Facts You Never Knew About Your Brain

It only weighs 3 pounds. It runs on about 20 watts of electricity. It’s what sets us apart from other animals. Figure it out yet? We’re talking about the human brain.

The Crazy Way Complaining Alters Your Brain

I’m sitting at my favorite local diner on a warm and sunny Saturday in February, with my boyfriend across from me—so many things to be grateful for. Only, I’m starving. One-by-one, I watch every table around get served their burgers and sundaes—nada for us. Then, the waitress drops the bomb that she forgot to put ...

Good News, Chocolate Lovers: You Probably Have a Healthier Brain

The act of breaking off a square of rich, sweet chocolate at work or before bed feels, well, naughty. Perhaps we glance to our left and right to make sure no one’s watching before we slide a bar out of a desk drawer and indulge. Chocolate is so, so satisfying, and yet can be so ...

A 10-Minute Workout Can Change Your Brain for the Better

Are you a visual or auditory learner? A new study on the effect of exercise on the human brain suggests that we’re all actually kinesthetic learners. In other words, we learn by engage in physical activities.

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